We are Cordula and Denis Lavoie - authors of this blog.

We are married since 1994 and have 4 wonderful girls, who are all strong believers in Christ. 

My wife is a born again believer since 1982 and as for me since 1994.

I (Denis) went to Bible School at RBTC in Tulsa Oklahoma USA for 3 years where I graduated as pastor.

We had a crash course in taking over a church in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, meaning that we know

what pastors are going through and what it is all about to pastor a church.

We lead small groups, two different kinds of evangelistic course, a marriage course

and the responses of some people were a big wow! 

We love our dear Father in Heaven, our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and our fantastic team Leader the Holy Spirit

who’s residence is in us, the believers .

We dearly respect and love the Word of God, believing to be the Book of all books or
simply Sola Scriptura/Scripture only.

Idehen Daniel Odbemudia or Daniel is the new kid on the block (Blog) !

He is originally from Irrua in Edo State of Nigeria.

Daniel is born again (gave his life to Christ) in 2005 and

has a fervent passion for the Lord and His Word, the Bible.

Daniel love to teach and believe in his heart that the gift of teaching is God`s call in his life.

At the moment, just to mention how smart Daniel is, he is getting his Masters degree "Process Engineering"

at the University of Applied Sciences, Offenburg Germany.


We believe

In God

(Trinity—Father, Son & Holy Spirit)

In the Bible

(being the only Word of God and our Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth)

In the Father’s ministry

(the Godhead who cares about His children like no other Father on earth) 

In the Jesus Christ's ministry

(as the Word of God. Has all authority in heaven and on earth through His death resurrection and ascension into heaven)

In the Holy Spirit's ministry

(as our helper, reminder and teacher in us which is the temple of God)

In an eternal life in heaven or hell

(2 paths each person must choose to go and both paths are real places which are not on earth)

In the necessity for all mankind to choose Jesus Christ for our salvation!

(Jesus is the only way to heaven and must be accepted through repentance + confession = salvation)

In the Great Commission of Christ

(each believer must be committed to - go preach, teach, baptize and to get & give more teachings)

In the Second Coming of Christ

(Jesus Christ will come after the 7 years of tribulation for two purposes:

eliminating all evil and establishing His millennial reign on earth from Jerusalem, Israel)

That each believer is in need of a local church with a pastor

(leadership and a home church for education & fellowship is important for each believer)

In the land of Israel and the Jews

(we also believe in the land of Israel being the promised land of God the Jews)

We do not believe

In the replacement theology

(is the belief, that the church and /or Catholics did replace the Jews as the people of God)

In unity of all faiths 

(that all religions are united as a one world religion)

In spiritual weirdness

(unbiblical extremes and twisted doctrines)

In government control over Christianity

(that government has the right to control religion)

In universalism

(the believe that all are saved because God is love)

In evolution 

(That the universe and life started by chance through a long period of time)


Why the word “Yaniv” and what does it mean?

“Yaniv” is a Hebrew name which means “Bear fruit”.

Jesus told His disciples, those who believed in Him, to bear much fruit in John 15.

Therefore it is our duty, our ministry to bear as much fruit as possible for you from the Word of God

and that you in return bear much fruit in your Christian life for others to take.

So, in a simple way to say it - we are “Mission bear fruit/Mission Yaniv” for YOU!   



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