We come from the Victory!
Part 2
Retreat or be build up
to stand!
Part 1
A best seller book
Woofldow - Lifeline Production
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God of evolution? - Ken Ham
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but a very deceptive one!
Part 1






Greatest Story Ever Told - The Whole Bible in 3 Minutes

Gateway Service - 3M 15s Lenght

By ICR - 1M 39S Lenght

Dinosaurs and Humans; Evolution Is A Farce That's a Fact

Israel: The World's Most Moral Army

By Prager U(univerity) - 5m 34s Lenght

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Deed, tract or Mouth?
Part 1
We come from the Victory
Part 1

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Aaron Marcus - Grieving over 2 friends lost in the Virginia Tech shooting, Aaron found his Messiah!

By One for Israel - I met Messiah - 6M 38S Lenght

Thinking Jew will help you understand the Bible!
Part 1


The Pterosaur,
a perfect aviator!


Does it matter
what we believe?
Part 2

John Crist - 3m 26s Lenght

Church Hunters: Episode 1






Always new releases because this is a blog and much more informative then the audios!

We come from the Victory
Part 3


Many believers are convinced that God used the big bang theory "In the beginning dirt"! Well, the Bible has another opinion and I am all for it.

Israel is the center of attention in the world but not recognized as the epicenter of the world being God`s heart!

Can we produce real diamonds in just a day? Evolution says no because according to them it takes millions of years to produce real natural diamonds!

Dedicating your life again and again? Is it scripture or something else?

November 4, 2017

Performance is a misunderstood and misplaced word. Did we have to perform to be saved or for God to acknowledge us?

November 4, 2017

In other words - The function of the Law is to condemned us and the function of the Gospel is to save us?

I heard lots of "I think" or "I believe" which express more a self made reflection than a biblical reflection.

The word "Disciple" is always perceived as to "Follow Christ" but it is not the real meaning of this word at all.

Sincere believers love to use deeds and giving tracts to evangelize. But sharing the Gospel with words, well this is another issue...

Analyzing this true drama of part 1 will put all tools in their proper perspective if you think before engaging somebody for Christ.

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