Why this teaching Blog?

Dear friend,

if you wish for details about the purpose of this blog and what will be in it or if you are a suspicious person,

then you are at the right place. 

It is a little bit long, then please read the following with great care for the purpose of clarity. 

If you don`t want to read all this - fine, but if you do - great.  

In general!

This blog is a teaching site for believers in Christ ONLY.

Every believer, a disciple (learner under a teacher), of Christ is in great need of teaching (lots of them) because it seems from our perspective (years of observations) and God`s perspective in these end times (end times prophecy) that there is a definite lack of knowledge.

We clearly see that many believers and churches want to believe what they want, compromising the Word of God.

We also observe a great lack of interest in the Bible and the truth in it's proper context.

Please, consider these reasons why Mission Yaniv - the blog!

 . Because teaching has become irrelevant today in our so called cool and post modern church culture.

 . Because teaching has become an annoying thing in most churches today and especially when it passes the 30 minutes limit.

 . Because teaching is considered by many believers to be boring stuff when the cool stuff is worship, to socialize, to have friendship clubs in church or cell groups, to have tea & coffee

   time after church with small talk included and the new concept of many churches today "Let's party!"  instead of "Let`s learn" !  

 . Because preaching is some kind much more relaxing "You don't need to use your brain too much when someone preaches", entertaining and inspirational but as for teaching it is

   nothing less then hard knocks for your brain “I came to church to relax and worship but not to think!".

 . Because some very influential liberals are saying, that teaching cares too much for the biblical truth and the details when in a post modern church you should care more about world

   peace, none offensive spirituality, friendly seeker atmosphere and unity among the faiths of this world which compromising the Word of God is no problem.

 . Because Jesus told His disciples that if they abide/continue (state of relationship) in His Word and if a disciple knows the truth (in full details) then it will set them free from a lack of knowledge    and deception in John 8:31-32 (Hosea 4:6; 2 Timothy 2:15) which is Good News.

 . Because God (Trinity) wants His church to be smart fishers of man "fisherman" in doing what we are called/commanded to do according to the Great Commission of Christ* following   

   those recomending steps:


     S1 - To be prepared/taught/qualified/equipped (Ephesians 4:11-13) as fisherman first and then go catch some fish outside our churches with a good attitude 

           and the perfect bait: a mix of ingenuity and the gospel.

    S2 - When the fish (or fishes) is caught in the net of the gospel (curious about the Gospel) then you as the fisherman need to clean (teach properly) the fish properly,

           meaning to prepare the fish for step # 3. 

    S3 - Then, if the fish accepts the gospel and its implications then you lead the fish to become a new creature in Christ through the faith confession (Romans 10:9)

           and baptisms.

    S4 - Then you prepare/teach/qualify/equip (Ephesians 4:11-13) the new recruit, those young fisherman through more teachings, for example through this blog.

    S5 - And through the repetition of these same steps we please God the Father, honor Jesus Christ giving legs & a mouth to the Holy Spirit until our Lord

           Jesus Christ is coming back to establish His one thousand years millennial reign on earth from Jerusalem, Israel.


* Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-20, John 14:16 & Acts 1:8

What this blog is not and what it is

Not - a Bible School or a college of divinity but an effective teaching and supplement site.

Not - replacing a good church and its pastor because we all need a home (Local) church under a good pastor who is called by God to do the job and is responsible for the sheep of God. 

Not - connected with any ministries but influenced by some good ones from all over the world. Any influences are filtered through the Word of God, meaning the Bible has the last Word             in our ministry, Amen!

Not - fluffy or weird or hard theologian stuff but quality, easy to understand, biblical and well researched stuff (truth) for the purpose of transforming your mind which is also a big Job to             achieve.  

Not - costing anything - some people will tend to believe that if these teaching on this blog are not asking for money then it must not be serious enough, but on the other hand if we would         ask for money or a tuition then some people would tend to believe that we want to make money or they will have this wonderful excuse "It is too expensive".  

Not - boring but exciting if you give it a few chances and let us share stuff to you.

Not - perfect but we left imperfection for a better tomorrow.

Not - a sect but true believers in Christ with a biblical background and qualifications (See "About us").  

Not - about dummies for Christ but Jesus freaks "Yeah!".

Not - a blog for non-believers even if it is free of access for all. Please do not encourage your precious unbelieving friend to join this blog or to check it out because they will not

        understand much and it could seriously mix them up or damage them where the gospel will be of none effect anymore.


This teaching blog is designed specifically for you,  

the believer  


In general!

. We have different kinds and well prepared teachings for you from short to big ones.

. Each kinds of teachings will be announced on different medias like Facebook.

. At all time our teachings will be present in our blog and you will be able to download them as PDF for free.

  We will provided a button for you  to click on and voila it will download like butter in your computer for you to make a print

  or to read without going to our blog.

. We have the Archive" section  in the blog where our old teachings will stored in for the purposes of reviewing or if you missed

  some through time.

Our menu in a nutshell!

. We have what we call "Teachings"  being fairly long teachings where some of them will be divided in parts because we don`t want to overload your brain with too much to read in one 


  Also to separate some of those teachings in parts is creating a suspense for the next part to come.

  Those teaching comes in 5 different kinds of topics:

   1)  Treasures for the soul  (see below for more specifics)

   2)  Be light and salt  (see below for more specifics)

   3)  Creation, science  & the Bible  (see below for more specifics)

    4)  Israel Corner  (see below for more specifics)

   5)  Beware of ditches  (see below for more specifics)


. The "Nuggets"  are very short/mini teachings of any kind of topic for the purpose of making a point and to hook your heart for more.


. This will sound similar because we also have "Nuggets Series"  being the same thing as the "Nuggets"  but as a series.

  I include in this pictures I have taken because many people said to me, time to time, that I am talented in photography.


. We have questions for you being a "Quiz".

  These quizzes are designed to activate your brain in a multiple answers choice format and the answer is given to you with a little comment attached to it when you press the button

 "Read More".


. We know for sure that the Bible is the Word of God and each word is super vital to know what they mean, so we included in our blog "Words"  being a small but effective word


  You will be surprised what some words really mean being a guaranty to "wow" you!


. Many time when we study a passage we jump over words or read it so fast where we mist a lot about what God is truly trying to tell us.

  But now we will analyze for you some passages from the Bible which we call  - "The Analist" .

  These analyzes will be done from our Nigerian friend - Idehen Daniel Ogbemudia.

  To know more about Daniel then go to "About us".


. We also have "Teasers"  as audios about topics in our blog for purpose of teasing your heart and then go into the writings "Read More"  because you want to know more or go

  to the bottom of what we really want you to know.

  We include in the teasers section small audio (short burst) of some ministries we consider from the Word of God to be worthy of being heard about what they have to say or teach.


. Our blog will have from time to time "Special Teachings"  like a Bible School does.


. We will also try to involve other ministers to teach in our blog for the purpose of showing that this blog is not a one man show.

Everything is designed to help you learn,  

motivate your interest in the truth of the Word of God  

and to become fine ambassadors for Christ!  


               1) Treasures for the soul!

Why soul and not spirit?

I did not call this "Treasures for the spirit" because our spirit is not the problem but our soul is, according to God's Word

"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 

And do not be conformed to this world,

but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."

Romans 12:1-2


The mind is the soul but the mind is not the spirit, the real you is the spirit. For a matter of fact we are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body then we are spirit, soul and body 

(1 Thessalonian 5:23).

So, here in Paul's letter to the Romans (Romans 12:1-2) Paul does not write that we should renew our spirit but renew our mind/soul and this is what "Treasures for the soul" is all about,

to renew your mind!

Why the word "Treasures"?

Because the Bible is a huge treasure box with many treasures inside and we want to share lots of them with you.

Simply, "Treasures for the soul" are biblical treasures (teachings) for the purpose of helping you as a believer to understand biblical facts and principles properly.

What "Treasures for the soul" is not!

. It is not about hammering you with “We are right and you are totally wrong!” meaning it is not personal.

  Everybody who is saved, has some truth in them but the truth could be mixed with false concepts.

. It is not a tool to debate you theologically.

. It is not about compromising the Word of God for the sake of not hurting anyone's feelings, experiences, opinions, traditions or religious concepts and so on.

. It is not a weapon to bring at church for the purpose of killing every error or false teaching & doctrine. 

  Please use wisdom and the acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit for the purpose spreading the truth properly in love, which includes “patience”.

. It is not a sword for the purpose of splitting a church and bring some church members into your new revelation club.

  Again, here you must exercise love and patience with “long suffering” until enough his enough.

. It is not emergent teaching with liberal concepts mixed with some mysticism from different faiths.

. Again and I must emphasize: this blog is not for non-believers.

  Non-believers are not ready for this kind of menu because God prepared another kind of dietary menu for them.

  Check out our heading "Be light & salt" for the menu of the non-believer.

"Treasures for the soul" is about?

. Truth revealed from scripture (Bible) and if the truth, then the truth will set you free from bondage, deception, traditions of man and a lack of knowledge (John 8:31-32).

. It will give you boldness and assurance to confront in love uncle Bob who is very traditional, self assured and always nagging you each time you meet.

. It will surely be controversial and provocative at some point, meaning it will flow against man made traditions and religious concepts of Christianity from a biblical perspective.

  Again, we are not emergent but biblical believers. Our teachings are not negotiable because the Bible is God’s Word “Sola Scriptura” (Scripture alone).

. "Treasure of the soul” is biblical education, it is interesting, fascinating and fun to know.  


We are willing to commit for your growth in a neat way 

which is God's way! 

            2)  Be light & salt!


In general!

The Great Commission is of great value and respect for us.

Since many years I personally do not hear this term "Great Commission" in churches or among ministers and I surely do not hear any teachings about it.

Of course, because of some abuses, unrealistic approaches and unsuccessful results about evangelizing in the past the word "Evangelize" and the term "The Great Commission" seem to be on a "black list".

To evangelize the way the Bible tells us, seems old fashioned or religious, not fitting into our post modern cool Christianity of today.

More and more today Christians are afraid to evangelize with their mouth and if they do, then it is everything except what Jesus told us to do, because we live in a new generation in a high tech society (world) with new terminologies, plus we do not want to offend anybody with old biblical concepts.

Actually many believers do not know what the Great Commission really is or if we should evangelize at all because of such concepts as "Universalism" and "All faith leads to God".


The purposes of "Be Light & Salt"!

Well, "Be Light & Salt" are biblical teachings for the purpose of helping the believer:

  - In understanding what the Great Commission is.

  - To comprehend what is our responsibilities as the light of Christ in this World and as the salt on the earth for Christ are

  - Being able to handle our evangelistic contract effectively, properly and successfully even if some non-believers will not accept (refuse) the Gospel message.

We all need answers in this generation about if we should still evangelize today and evangelize the way the Bible tells to do.

And if we are to evangelize then we need answers about how we should do it in a proper way today without compromising any biblically concepts about evangelism.

Also our purpose in "Be Light & Salt" is to wipe evangelism and the Great Commission from the "black list" it seems to be on.  

What "Be Light & Salt" is not and what it is!

. It is NOT an evangelistic blog for the purpose of leading a non-believer to Christ.

. It is for building and equipping you, the believers in Christ, for purpose of reaching the lost in your own family, community, country or in the world as missionaries (Ephesians 4:11-13).

​. It’s an educational, informative and encouraging blog about evangelizing and the Great Commission.


"Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom,

and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.

But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.

Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. 

Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”"

Matthew 9:35-38


Evangelism is an art we should all learn how  

to handle properly and effectively!  


              3) Creation, science  & the Bible!

For the skeptic!

I know that many of you are skeptical about this kind of menu “Creation, science & the Bible”.

This is a very controversial subject for many believers because nobody can know, what really happened and the Bible has nothing to do with science. 

Well, if you realize it or not, the Bible as God’s Word has everything to do with science because this universe was created by God meaning that science is part of God’s plan to communicate His wonders to His creation (us, mankind) and also to inform us, as tip, that evolution is dead and He is not.

Of course you will not find "E=mc2" or the word “Dinosaur” in the Bible, but the Bible in its own way has lots to say about science, archeology and accurate historical facts.

As for the word dinosaur, the Bible has a different word for it, which I will not reveal at the moment because it would spoil the fun of writing an article (teach).

As a disciple of Christ, I am asking you (pleading with you, the reader) to read the entire context of those articles about “Creation, Science & the Bible” and to think logically without any prejudices.

It's serious business!

I do not want to make a big deal about all this, but I want you to realize, that lots of people - believers and non-believers alike - have a big problem with the creation model we believe in and I have no choice than to bring you facts through solid little articles/teachings.

This fight is a serious business and we make it our business to win for the sake of God our creator, knowing too perfectly, that our opponents will do everything to eliminate God or to ridicule the creation model of a 6000 year old universe.


Then here are some critics and objections we are facing:

“This topic is rather irrelevant for a Christian life so why including it in this blog when for example we should more focus

on marriage or poverty in the world then on science!?!”

"What does science has to do with spirituality and the Bible!?!"

“Why this topic about creation when science proved evolution the right!?!”

“Why spending some time with this issue when ministers of the gospels should keep to the Bible and not to secular stuff like

science, abortion, homosexuality, archeology, politics!?!” 

 “Why creating more problems then anything when nobody really knows what happened

long ago in this universe? Let’s deal with the reality of today!?!”

“God is dead then why fight a dead God who never existed and created nothing!?!”

“A 6000 year old universe is a total fairy tale!”


Open critics and objections are OK but not closed critics and objections.

What do I mean by this?

Well, I will be more OK with Mr. Bob who critics everything but is open for answers than with Mr. Jack who critics once in a while but is never open for answers, and I am not OK with that*.

Then here’s an open critic for you "Read again the critics and objections from above and tell me if those are open or closed critics, and if the are closed what would be the agenda behind them?".

* Actually, we are open for open and constructive critic which goes for all our subjects in Mission Yaniv. Then may the best and logical answer win the argument.

  And do not worry, if we lost the argument or made a mistake then we will admit we were wrong but what about you? 

Here are some stuffs you probably don’t know about:

. Did you know that an evolutionist must use faith just as a creationist does too?

. Did you know that the Bible contains lots of scientific values and statements which are recognized scientific facts today? 

. Did you know that dinosaurs are in the Bible?

. Did you know that evolution is totally anti: creation, God, Jesus Christ and the Bible with the motto “God is dead!”?  

. Did you know that some believers in Christ are believing in both evolution and creation which is like trying to get a 1 with an equation like 0+1=0 or evolution + creation = nothing!

. Did you know that in most universities they pride themselves in telling the students that "If you are a Christian or believe in God then after one year with us you will not believe in creation   and God anymore!"

. Did you know that Bible states as a scientific fact that the earth is suspended in nothing? 


Think about this, be honest!

If somebody would approach and ask you some questions like those ones below, then could you give them a smart/godly answer*?

. What does the word “Science” really mean and what does it implicate when you know it’s true meaning as an evolutionist and a creationist?

. What does the word “Dinosaur” really mean and when was it invented? Plus can you tell me what’s the common word for dinosaurs in the Bible?

. What is Carbone 14 (C.14) and can you tell me how it really works in a simply way?

. What is the big bang theory and where has matter and energy come from?

. What does the word “Theory” mean: fact or faith?

. What is the geological column and how does it work? There is a circular reasoning in the geological column which the evolutionists do not see and prove the theory to be wrong then can

  you tell what it is?  

. Do we have common ancestors with the apes even if God created this universe and made man in his own image? If yes, then how did this happen?

 * I had questions about dinosaurs when someone was trying to evangelize me and his answer was so good dinosaurs being in the Bible and part of creation that it helped me to receive Christ as my Savior and Lord.

    If he would have failed to answer correctly or be too spiritual about dinosaurs or would not care about answering me then I would probably not be saved today.

Science, creation and the Bible is right there for 3 reasons:

1. To help you find the truth about God the creator and the wonders of His creation.

2. We want to rearrange your brain, to renew your mind from the clear deception of evolution with scientific facts which is in favor for the creation model.

3. To create in you a passion for the Gospel which if confronted with evolution concepts or asked about creation you will be ready with an unshakable confidence. 


Then give us a chance 

because creation is not just the wonders of God but His Word also! 

              4)  Israel Corner!

No care for Israel!!!

Somebody who is dear to me, said not long ago, that the Israel topic is irrelevant or of no value for the church today.

For such a person this subject is a waist of time which is wrong thinking because most of the Bible is Jewish based. 

But the good news about this person is, at the end of our conversation he officially informed me, that his way of thinking was wrong about Israel and that he is starting to get a better understanding through the Word of God, where he discovered that the story of Jesus actually happened in Israel!

Wow, what a revelation he had and praise God for it. 

Sadly, this person is not the only one to have such problems with Israel and the people I am talking about are not non-believers or Muslims, but believers in Jesus Christ.

We know lots of people who despise or don’t care about the Jews, the land of Israel and do not see any positive prophecies about the people of God in the flesh.

These people who have no appreciation for the topic of Israel or the Jews are not bad people but they do not love the people God loves and do not see the connection of the church with Israel.

So, because of all these confusions we take charge of revealing Israel to you because its biblical.

We want you to be a blessing for God because you care to know about the Jews and the Land of the Jews, Israel.

But the first step of being a blessing to God and the Jews is to learn about what God has to say about them and to learn about the great nation which God hasn't forsaken. 


We are…!

As you can see we love Israel and the Jews but we are not Israel or Jews.

What do I mean by this?

Well, we are gentile believers who love the Jews and the land of Israel, which belong to the Jews as the nation of Israel.

We also believe that the Jews are still part of the plan of God.


We are not...!

We are not extremist believers about Israel to the point of wanting to become Jews or using Jewish wording all the time for the purpose blessing the Jews and be like the Jews.

We are not after the Law of Moses and to bring back the law to the church.

We are not saying that Israel as a nation is more blessed then other nations.

We are not about hating the church for what the church as done against the Jews since Constantine 300 AD.


In general what is this menu about:

. About loving the Jewish people today and be a blessing to them. 

. About understanding, that land of Israel is the land of the Jews.

. About Jesus Christ, the disciples of Christ and the first believers being all Jews. 

. About the Messiah who came through and for the people of Israel first in His earthly ministry to the land of Israel but died for the sin of the world as the world’s Messiah.

. About understanding the culture of the time of Jesus and much more if you want to understand your Bible much better than before.

. About the writers (Scribes of God) of the Word of God who were all Jews except for Luke who was a gentile who converted to Judaism and then became a disciple of Christ through the           ministry of Peter.  

. About the prophecies of Israel, Jerusalem, the temple mount and the Jewish feasts of which many are fulfilled and some are not fulfilled yet.

. About Jesus coming back to Israel for His millennial reign on earth from Jerusalem and not Rome or the United Nation in New York. 

. About how to help Jews finding their Messiah.


In Conclusion about the "Israel Corner"

We love the Jewish people and the messianic Jews, the land of Israel and this menu about "Israel Corner" wants to share this love with you in the boundary of the Word of God. 

​And remember this forever - that if it would not be for the Jewish people then their would be no Salvation because Jesus said about Himself that our Salvation came through the Jewish people.

“You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship,

for salvation is of the Jews.“

John 4:22


Love the people God love, 

the Jewish nation! 


                 M 5  Beware of ditches!!!

In general

If we realize it or not, the Bible says that in the last days, the church of God will not get better but worse until the second coming of Christ.

The Bible which is the Word of God, says that born again believers who really committed their life to Christ will be pulled into a defection (apostasy) of the truth of the Word of God or

in other words - the church will be seduced by another Gospel from wolfs within the body of Christ, the worldly pressures and chilling goodies, religious beliefs for the unity of all faiths in the world and the very attractive world of the mystics which has nothing to do with the Bible.  

The Word of God is very clear on this matter and this section of Mission Yaniv “Beware of Ditches” is not an informative “Dooms day fully un-chilling negative extremist religious stuff”

but about what God predicted long ago what would happen among the believers of the last days.

This is real to real stuff because of what we see all around us and this is the truth because God predicted it would happen!

We don’t like it but it is our duty!

We are not better or more special then anybody and believe me, we never dreamed to go on a witch hunt after such unbiblical stuff (apostasy of the church) in our day and age as the church of God is concerned.

Actually we were pushed into “Beware of ditches!!!” or being flooded with so much unbiblical information.

We are just responding or reacting to what is wrong and show the danger for the body of Christ in these last days.

What is so strange for us, is, that the church of God with the Word of God at hand is going into these ditches with excitement and with such blindness or because of pressures where lot’s of believers think they have no choice but to compromise the Word of God, thinking that God is very much OK with the status of His Church today or that it is a new plan of God apart from His Word to a new reformed post modern church with a bright future in in an earthly kingdom.

Very hot topics!

“Beware of ditches!!!” are very hot (don’t touch that), touchy (offending) topics and for many it will be offensive (aggressive, fundamentalist) because it will touch their very core believe but clearly not in line with the Bible, the Word of God.

On the other hand, these hot topics are a wake up call for getting in line with God and His Word because Jesus said that the truth will set His disciples free if we stick to His Word in its entirety, from Genesis to Revelation, no compromise.


We are not there to bash anyone but we are there to set things strait with the Word because God  

and His Word is our foundation, our Sola Scriptura for a Christian walk on earth. 


We hope with “Beware of ditches!!!” to reach your heart before it is too late  

and great hope that those who are compromised to reconsider what they believe. 

Enlightening you!

Our Menu

Loagifnti Ploreodperurur

Sagifnti aloreod

Sagifnti allu

What do we have to offer as a "menu"!

The main description of our Teaching section !

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