Part 1 - Why are we defeated as Christians?

Identifying the problem before fixing it!

I don’t know if you realize it or not but lots of Christian live on a regular basis a defeated Christian life, either knowingly (madness) or unknowingly (ignorance) !

Well, for most of you who are in favor of positive thinking at all cost, this was maybe a bad start and sounding very negative for you, causing you to have this negative reflection"What is this all about?” !

Okay, okay, I know that you are a little bit upset or skeptical about my negative first punch line, because it is looking like it will be one of those "No edifying teaching!".

But like one minister said “I have to terrorize you before I can edify you!” meaning, you will have to see first what is wrong, before you can see what is right according to the Word of God.


To fix a car, you must first...? 

Look, when you have a problem with your car, you must first identify the problem if you want to fix the problem.

This is the same thing when you go to the doctor or the psychologist.   

Here in this teaching, I have to identify the problem and show it to you before I can give you the solution from the Word of God. 

Now, on the positive side, the beauty of being a Christian is the awesomeness of the Word of God, which holds the solution to any problem.


Identifying problems is sounding negative

but very useful

if you want to fix those problems



What is a defeated Christian?

Because of religious traditions, bad experiences, insecurities, lack of knowledge about the Word of God and self justification (the me, myself and I problem or self centeredness), I strongly believe that most believers are being constantly defeated by depression, stress, fear, anxiety, sickness, disease, sin consciousness and the pressures of the world which equals daily defeatism.

Believe me when I say that I really observed lots of these issues in the regular life of Christians (including in my own life) being harassing cancer cells causing believers to be hopeless or defeated all the time. 


Good and honest observations

give us real facts we must deal with, bad or good!


These problems could be reinforced on Sunday mornings in some churches, where we hear a defeated, hang on in the storm, look biblical preaching causing us to be more confused, more frustrated "Cannot hear this crap anymore", meaning Christians are cooked, done, defeated each Sunday, month after month and year after year *.

It also can be nailed in our mind/soul by a best seller book, testimonies, friends and family "Well, uncle Jack bla, bla, bla... and you cannot do nothing about it except to hang on like uncle Jack did!"

Actually in some cases you could think, that believers love to be defeated, because most of them are talking, walking as weak and defeated believers in Christ on a daily basis and don`t seem to worry, that something is wrong. 


Well, do you want to join this club? 



* In case people think that I am against a local church. 

Well, I am fully for a local church under a good pastor/teacher and elders.

But what I tried to explain here is, that on Sundays most of today's churches

are not really teaching the Word of God properly for the purpose of building

up (Ephesians 4:11-13) believers as scholars (disciples) of God for the sake of

being committed positively with a great passion to the Great Commission of

Christ (Matthew 28:19-20).


Examples of defeated expressions from believers! 

Don’t believe me! 

Well I could tell you stories after stories, facts after facts (in my life too) about defeatism in the Christian community but here are some classic expressions/confessions which, you will recognize some of them and being commonly heard among defeated Christians:


- “We are all sinners saved by grace!”


- “I am just human!”


- “Why does God allow this to happen? What have I done to Him?”


- “I needed to recommit my life to Christ a few times this years and I wonder how much I will next years!”  


- and this famous expression “God is in control and we cannot do anything about it except to pray hard and hope for a move

  of God!”.


I would love to expand on each of those classic expressions/confessions, but I would have to write a big chapter for each of them and still would not be able to convince some of the hard core believers, that these expressions/confessions are "Defeatism" and not New Covenant expressions/confessions at all.

Sorry, but believers who say such things are definitely not the head but the tale, whipped by their own false beliefs/interpretations (opinions, traditions) of the Bible and defeated be their own mind (chatterbox of the mind or the brain bla bla or those loud doubts).


Christians are not the tale but the head,

because our victorious Christ is

the head of His body, us the believers!



If you think defeated then you are defeated!

I played baseball, football, ice hockey when I was young and I remember, what our football coach told us one time: “If you think defeated before the game has ever started then you are already defeated before the game has started!” and this is so true.
When you play a game, you need to think like a winner even if you loose the game because there will be other games to play and to win.


This does not mean...

..that you cannot be frustrated, disappointed, in a negative mode for a moment or be discourage a little bit as a football player who lost the game this evening for example.

But when this is happening in your life and when this is constantly rolling and rolling in your mind then it is time to stop it, meaning you need to get back on track which is to fix your attention to do better next time for the purpose of winning the game like a football player should do and winning a peaceful (confidence) mind like a Christians should do.


"How should I do this? What`s the magic solution?"

Well, I will get to this a little bit in part 1

but there are still 2 others part coming

and don`t worry we will get there! 



Preferring the winners attitude!

I like the winners attitude even if it bugs me sometimes or forces me to think biblically positive when I want to think negative and start a pity party. 

An example of a winning attitude is the arrogance of the English (England) military when it comes to loosing battles in war “Maybe we lost a few battles but we will win the war!”.


Wow! What an attitude!


Here's another winning attitude I really love - when everybody lost hope that the crew of Apollo 13 would never make it back home on earth because of a grave accident to the spacecraft, Eugene Francis, the flight director of Apollo 13 declared this famous statement to his team at N.A.S.A. “Failure is not an option!” .

Hey, I like that guy because Eugene Francis didn't care what the others thought because in their mind they already lost (defeatism) the crew of Apollo 13, it is just a question of time. 

But not for Eugene Francis who said "We never lost an American in space and we surely will not loose one on my watch" and he said "Failure is not an option!”, meaning that the director (Eugene Francis) wanted them to find a solution and fast.

Well, because of this wake up call, this motivational revelation from the flight director N.A.S.A. his team worked together for the purpose of finding solutions which they did find miracle solutions.

At the very moment when the crew of Apollo 13 and N.AS.A were preparing for the reentry of the spacecraft, behind Eugene Francis two N.A.S.A officials were again in a negative mode (Defeatism), then turning to face them Francis said "With all due respect sir, I believe this will be our finest hour".

This guy never give up!      

Well, Apollo  13 returned save and sound on earth, and N.A.S.A. actually called this Apollo mission"The successful failure!”.


Hey, I like that and it is inspiring

me to reach this level of attitude

even if it is a lot works for me! 



Is it a sin for Christians to be negative or think defeated?

It depends if you let it create a nest in your mind or if it is a constant tradition in your Christian walk.
Again, it is normal to have a few moments
 in life, where you are negative, frustrated or discouraged, but only if you recover as fast as possible "Get back on the horse" and not to let it become a permanent resident in you (make a negative nest in your mind).

I can guaranty you that if you start to think negative on a regular basis, you will open a door to Satan and he will use what you have in your mind for the purpose of stealing the Word of God, killing your passion for the Lord and destroy your Christian life, being "Le coup de grace”

Also I can guaranty you, that Satan and his friends will do everything, use every dirty tricks to keep you in your loosing and defeatist box (mode).


If you think negative "It is impossible!" 

and think defeated "I will not make it!" 

on a regular basis as a believer in Christ

then Satan will eat your lunch and

pop the bag with a big smile in his face!



What are the tools of Satan for defeating your mind?

The tools of Satan are many, but here are 4 tools he loves to use: religion, traditions, religious people and the best of all his tools - your own deceived mind.

Satan will encourage or force you to think defeated "See, it did not work!”, “Well, you probably done something wrong or sinned, being the reason why it doesn't work!”, "Here are 3 reasons why God is in control of your life (Teach you something)and you can do nothing about it!", "Of course the Bible did not help you, then read this book, it surely will help you"

Satan wants to lead and keep your brain/mind/soul as a believers to be messy, full of doubts, more insecure then ever, being joyful one day and depressed the next being a roller coaster of mixed emotions that never seem to stop and lead you almost every Sunday to recommit your life to Christ.

Probably you think that I am the one who is deceived or defeated in life, because I make too much publicity about Satan, but could it be, that you forgot, that Jesus was not deceived, defeated - making too much publicity about Satan, when He informed us that "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy." in John 10:10.     


Christians are duped/defeated

by Satan's deception and lies!

His best tool - is your mind!!!  




Again I say and agree!

Again and again, I agree at some point that problems will come along our path as long as we live on this blue planet because we live in a fallen world.

I also agree, that some times we will do everything right according the New Covenant and still will be wiped, duped and defeated.


If our focus is on God, who is our Father in heaven and if we fix our mind on what Christ has already done for us, who we are in Christ and what we have/can do in Christ through the Holy Spirit who lives in His permanent temple - you and me, then we are bound to win some battles and then win the war over any problem which was thrown at us or self inflicted.

According to the Word of God and as New Covenant believers, we are in a Covenant with better promises "But now He has obtained a more excellent ministry, inasmuch as He is also Mediator of a better covenant, which was established on better promises." Hebrews 8:6.

Even if problems are like a tsunami right now and your feelings, your mind tell you "Checkmate dude!" then keep focusing on those truths from Scripture in the New Covenant with the help and encouragement from well minded believers, then you are bound to win at some point in time. 



We are victorious

because Christ already won the war for us! 

Realize it or not, believe it or not we are victoriously blessed by the grace of God, meaning that - we are blessed by God because we come from THE victory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with THE guaranty of our victory because the Holy Spirit lives in us.

We must be well minded that we are victorious in Christ with an attitude like the English warrior “Maybe we lost a few battles but we will win the war because we have Christ victory!”. 

We must be responsible believers in Christ like the flight director of NASA “Failure is not an option because the cross is not a failure but THE victory of Christ!” when things go wrong, or are against you or when we made some errors.

Yes, we will loose a few battles, fall into sin and make mistakes, but if we fix on THE victory which Christ provided/obtained for us at the cross, resurrection and ascension into heaven THEN we will win the war, meaning we cannot loose at the end.


This is not arrogance but confidence

in what our Lord Jesus Christ

achieved for us, victory!



 Denis Lavoie


End of part 1

No Copyright!
For a neat copy then go to "Downloads"
and press on the PDF button for a download
or a print out.


Next time

in Treasures for the soul!

In part 2  I will use Scriptures dealing the Victory of Christ that we have in our heart and hands since 2000 years ago

as born again believers. If what is coming up in part 2 does not impress you then your wood is probably wet, meaning you are maybe not on fire/passion for Christ and for what

He achieved on the cross for you and I.  




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