You got to choose dirt or God as the origin of the universe and life!



You believe... I believe...!

A few years ago, I was discussing with a Christian friend about creation.

He personally told me that he believed in evolution and there was no problem for Christians to believe in both theories - creation and evolution at the same time.

Well, I gave him my best shock (best shot) “Then you have a problem at your hand buddy, because you believe ‘in the  beginning dirt’ and I believe ‘in the beginning God’”.

You should have seen his face, because after I said that he looked at me very puzzled like if this new thought jeopardized his holy theory about creation and evolution as being compatible.



Evolutionist theory of dirt!

It is very clear to me that any evolutionist is believing in billions of years and the big bang theory, where everything came out of nothing or almost nothing*.

But where all the energy and matter came from, the evolutionists who often are decorated with "Doctor of..." or "Degree  in..." do not have a clue.

Actually, if you asked them, where everything came from, the evolutionist will honestly answer you - "We don't know!".

But what most people do not know, meaning those who don't have a degree in science, is they belief that life on earth originated/appeared from dirt or let’s say from a soup of mud.

So to say that far, far before the apes our origin as mankind comes from “Grandpa Mud” which is dirt mixed with water.

Of course I know that we are chemical dirt but still your typical scientist or your average evolutionist cannot answer “Where  is this chemical dirt coming from which later produced life on earth?” and with this question in mind then comes a second one, that I love to ask “How come the dirt was so smart through a long time period time (billions of years) and viola here we  are?”.

This dirt thing, where life emerged in and the big boom (Big bang) theory, where everything came from nothing or from almost nothing if examined truthfully with all the evidences we have from real good science, then the evolution theory makes no sense at all or in other words—it’s only a bag full of dirt “A dirt bag theory”


How can we believe in evolution

when there are not really

any answers to give about where

and how we came to exist!



Creationist theory of God!

Most creationists** on the other hand believe that God in the beginning created everything in 6 literal days, 6000 years ago, with these famous words by God "Let there be…” as we know it from Genesis 1.

This means that everything came from somewhere and someone, which is the complete opposite of the big bang theory. What is astonishing to me, are the people, who are strongly for the big bang, which isn't scientifically proven, but makes more sense to them, than to believe in a God who created this universe in 6 literal days, 6000 years ago.

What is even more astonishing, are Christians who side with evolution and the big bang theory and think, that those who believe in the pure creation (only creation) of God and a literal 6 days 6000 years ago, are nut cases (have no brain at all or stupid)!  


What is more stupid then?

To believe that everything came out of no where

and then everything is build up by chance


To believe that everything came from somewhere

and from someone, a master builder?



But God used evolution to create everything!

If believers in Christ are believing in the big bang theory or that God used/produced the big bang to bring everything into order through billions of years “But God used evolution to create everything!” then they can believe in anything like one of the fairy tale of evolution that life originated from a soup of mud (Dirt mix with water).

According to the Word of God and real science, which makes real common sense, life originated from/by God Himself in the 6 literal days of creation and not from a soup of mud (Dirt mix with water) billions of years ago.


Now, let me give credit to the dirt!

Yes we are chemical dirt with about 72 % water which makes us to be biological human beings.
Of course God used dirt
(matter with it’s chemical components and water) to make us, but it is His dirt and this dirt came from some where which makes much more sense than the dirt theory of evolution, where the matter/dirt came out from no where and then through long periods of time by chance, life came out of it.

Look, God created everything in 6 days (24 hours) and in the final moment of creation on day 6, God created His master piece, where He formed mankind out of His chemical dirt and water.

And then God gave the breath of life through His Spirit (Ruach) where the race of man (man & woman) are fully functional*** ever since on this blue planet called earth (Genesis 2).


This makes much more

sense then Grandpa Mud!



Be ready for the trap questions!

Even if you come with stunning proofs/solid facts about the origin life and this universe, which points to God the Creator, the evolutionist will not fall on his or her knees asking you “What must I do to belief more in God and get saved” instead the evolutionist will fight and ask you “OK then, where did God come from?” or “Where is this Creator and where does His  creation (Matter and energy) come from?” which is a trap question (revenge) or used, trying to regain control over you.

Well, my simple answer would be “My friend, you believe in Grandpa Mud, which produced life billions years ago, not  knowing where the matter and energy came from (and then big bang), which is pure faith and not science. But what makes more  sense, is to believe in God, the Creator, who created all this universe from somewhere called heaven, then giving life to this  matter which of course is also faith, but more scientific than your fairy tales of Grandpa Mud, billions of years ago. So, you  believe in dirt by faith and I believe in God by faith!”.

As a believer in Christ, you have the lead if you think biblically correct and scientific, because this universe makes more sense, when it comes to creation and its Creator, the God of the Bible.
I do not really have to die for the purpose of finding out, where God lives or if God exist because this universe, our planet earth, the micro biology, plants, insects, animals and mankind tell me that God exists, which is enough proof, evidence, fact about the God of the Bible.  

It is very clear to me without any shadow of a doubt or any big effort that God created everything and that life was designed by His own brain, and logic tells me, that our universe comes from somewhere where God lives, heaven.

Again to answer the question “Where is this Creator and where does His creation (Matter and energy) come from?” I do not need know, if there is a Creator God or where He comes from, because the evidences are right there in front of me.


“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen,

being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead,

so that they are without excuse,...“

Romans 1:20


But to believe that all what our universe contains came from nothing (or almost nothing), to admit “We do not know where the  matter and energy came from which produced this universe billions years ago !” and to believe the grand mud produced life on earth is not really using your brain or good common sense (especially as a believer in Christ) even if you think that evolution is fact proved by science. 



My great frustration!

What the evolutionist believe, scientist or not, is frustrating because of the evidences of Creation but it is not what is greatly frustrating me. 

My great frustration is the church of God, trying to make friend with evolution, believing in both theories “Creation & Evolution”, life coming from a soup of mud (dirt) billions years ago.

For many of them this is totally fine and a noble theory of evolution.



To believe or wanting to believe in both theories is “Pea-nut brain”

or pure "Baloney brain" as what Christians are concerned!

Here are some reasons why you, the believer, cannot harmonize or should never mix both theories together:


Because -   evolution is a theory of its own, which means, there is no place for a God in the
                    theory of evolution and as the evolutionist is concerned, there is even no place for

                    intelligent design (Which the “Intelligent Design Theory” is another topic that will be add in the future).


                    Warning!  But on the other hand, some sneaky evolutionists today are more than
                    willing/happy, that believers of the Bible are believing in both theories because if we

                    can compromise the pure creation of God then we can be manipulated to compromise

                    other issues about God and His Word with the hope of converting us to a total
                    evolutionist mind set, like it happened to Charles Darwin who wanted to become a

                    minister but became instead a famous evolutionist.


Because -   Christians are to belief in the God of mankind and not in the God of the apes which

                    mankind comes from. To believe that life began billions of years ago from Grandpa

                    Mud, means that Adam and Eve’s ancestors were apes, who through the process of
                    developing/evolving through a long period of time developed/evolved into half apes

                    & human, then became caveman (75 % human but still looking like and behaving like apes) and

                    finally reached the goal of being mankind through Adam and Eve, the first Homo sapiens
(wise man).


                    Warning!  When you go to the zoo and see those apes, you think more about their

                    funny behavior than about God, who created those apes. This is exactly what the
                    evolution theory wants you to see at the zoo, an ape behaving like an animal and how
                    we are closely related to them, our ancestors. You never saw in a Zoo any kind of

                    information telling you “Apes are fantastic creatures created by God for the pleasure

                    of man!”, instead it is all about brainwashing you into the pure evolution theory.
                    If you belief in both theories, then your brain at the zoo is processing more and more

                    that evolution is OK, that once we were apes and part of the animals kingdom.
                    Believing in both theories, the zoo diminishes your belief in God and augments

                    your belief in the none existence of a god, meaning that your belief about the God of

                    the Bible is fading away little by little, without that you notice it. I am not against the

                    zoo because in my case, I see design right their of a genius God being the God of the
                    Bible, the Creator plus at the zoo I am reminded of the 6 literal days of Genesis 1 & 2

                    where God created mankind in His own image (and not in the image of an ape first) for the
                    purpose of taking care of the animals and enjoy the beauty, showing God to be this
                    genius Artist. 


.  Because -   to belief in both theories is to literally compromise the very Word of God (Bible) and the

                    event of the cross. Think about this very, very carefully, that if you believe in
                    evolution as a Christian who also believes in creation, then you believe in “Death
                    before sin!”
 which means, that the event of the cross 2000 years ago was irrelevant

                    and 100% useless today. 


                    Look, Genesis 1 & 2 declares all to be perfect because there was no sin, no death,

                    no disease, no suffering meaning it was paradise on this new blue planet earth, which

                    God created for us to live and take care of. Also, there was no chaos before that expect

                    that God through His Spirit formed the earth in Genesis 1:2 like a potter formed a vase

                    from an unformed clay. In Genesis 1:2 we have the word “Tohu va vohu” which

                    means “Chaos” as to be unformed (unfinished) and not a chaos as being bad where sin

                    abounds. This "Tohu va vohu", this chaos has nothing to do with a pre-Adamic
                    civilization in this universe where sin began and then God had to reform everything

                    which is again “Death before sin or death before Adam sinned!”. We know, if you
                    belief in the Word of God, that sin began on earth, as human are concerned, in
                    Genesis 3, bringing mankind into a physical and spiritual death
(Spiritual separation from God).

                    The origin of sin through Adam, according to the Bible, brought us slowly in the pit of

                    diseases, pain, suffering, evil doings, physical death, natural catastrophes and now is

                    “Sin before death” and the event of the cross make much, much more sense.


                    Warning!  A believer who believes in both theories "Evolution and Creation" cannot

                    sincerely thank God for the cross (John 3:16) because he or she is consciously or
                    in-consciously believing that “Death came before sin!” and that Adam is fully
                    responsible for the sin nature of man, the fall of man into sin which brought mental

                    and physical suffering, diseases and chaos into this universe. 


Please think about those things before you make such a statement from a fervent believer in Christ “Do I have the right to  disagree with you?” or in other words “I read and understand what you believe but my question is—do I have to believe like you, can I have a different opinion because I still want to believe in evolution and creation at the same time?".



In conclusion!

Clearly, as a believer in Jesus Christ and in what the Word of God says from Genesis to Revelation about what we should believe as the truth, which is a sure thing to set us free (John 8:31-32) from false concepts like believing in Grandpa Mud, the big bang boom theory and in the mixed marriage of "Evolution & Creation".

God wants us to use our common sense, our brain through His Word for a change instead of chilling in life as Christians and in church.

We have all the resources at hand for the purpose of knowing the truth today “Easy access” but the problem about today’s Christianity is, that we prefer to enjoy our daily life and not to think too much.

We also prefer at church to have great emotional worship with a little sermonette of 15 to 30 minutes “Please keep this cool  and easy, because I do not want to think too much!”.
After church I feel that believers would love to say to me “Please keep it simple Denis “Small talk!” and please do not come  with such a topic about creation. Just chill with me about normal stuff over a good coffee.”.

I have no problem for some small talks but at church it’s always about small talks yesterday, today and it’s look like forever.

Well, no wonder Christians are swallowed by some concepts of evolution and weird spiritual stuff that has nothing to do with God and His Word. No wonder that my Christian friend at the beginning of this topic believed in both theories “Evolution & Creation” seeing no conflict between the two because nobody ever challenged or dared to challenge his belief.


Look my friend,

you do not have a pea-nut brain between your shoulders being as small as a pea with nut in the middle "Pea-nut brain".

Also what you have between your shoulders is not a meatball "Baloney brain" but a super multifunction biochemical computer machine, which was designed by God, the Creator of this universe.

Hey! It's worth using your brain and think about serious stuff like this topic “Dirt or God, you decide!” for a change.

I can tell you that each time I figure out the truth about God’s creation then I rejoice over this truth like a scientist who finds the solution to a problem.

Also to find the truth about spiritual stuff from Scripture is for me very exiting, it’s like I scored a goal in ice hockey in the finals.

The truth is super valuable for me and for God



it is for you to decide if the truth is valuable and if you want to believe in the beginning dirt, becoming an evolutionist or to believe in the beginning God, becoming a creationist.

One thing you cannot stand for, is to believe in both theories, evolution & creation as Biblical Christian.


Evolution & Creation are

definitely not compatible!


Denis Lavoie




* Another version of the Big Bang Theory (which will be explained and dissected in a future topic) is that all matter and the energy was
  concentrated in one little dot not bigger than a seed and through a miraculous process it then exploded to from all this universe and us 



** Why “Most Creationists” and who not “Creationists”: because some creationists do not believe in 6 literal (24 hours) days of creation.

    They have a mixed believe of evolution and creation, believing in billions of years, like my friend at the beginning of the story.


*** “Fully functional” is a little bit generalized because since the fall of mankind through Adam and Eve everything that was fully functional in this universe is never ceasing to digress or becoming more and more dysfunctional (Law of entropy). What I mean about fully functional is, that we can fully function on earth and in space, if we reproduce the environment of earth in a spacecraft or space station.



No Copyright!
For a neat copy then go to "Downloads"
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or a print out.  


Next time

in Science, Creation & the Bible

I will talk about diamonds which I entitle it "Producing diamonds in Just 24 hours and not millions of years?".

Be advice that it will surprise you. 



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