What`s Biblical Love? Part 1 - A very short intro!

 Part 1 Intro!

Well, since 22 years I heard lots of stuff about love or “How Christians should love?”, meaning I heard it from the pulpit, from fellow Christians and from a worldly perspective.

Love has many faces, different points of views! 



Then my question for you is

"What is biblical love for you?"

. Is it about our tolerance toward others, other religions, style   of life and culture?

. Is it about the Jesus-loves-you-deal which your hear a lot these times among Christians?

. Is it about reaching world peace for the sake of our future and our children’s future?

. Is it about biblical truth which will set us free from wrong concepts?

. Is it about unity of the faiths where all religions are embracing each other?

. Is it about sharing the gospel at all cost?

. Is it all of the above?

. Is it one or two in particular?

. Is it something else?  


To answer these questions I will have to go through each of them one by one.


The first issue in part2 will be

"Is biblical love about: Tolerance?"


Denis Lavoie


 About My Picture!

A significant moment in the day!

It was taken in Alsace France near the famous Rhein river

where I live at about 15 minutes by car!


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