Who is adjusting who and who states this as a fact?

November 5, 2017

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Answer: Charles Spurgeon

Pay attention to your surrounding!

What a man of God Charles Spurgeon was, who loved the Word with all his heart for the purpose of helping people to see the truth in the Word, never to compromise the Bible like we do today, directly or indirectly.


If you really pay attention and listen to your surrounding a little, you will realize soon enough (if you are honest and know the Bible fair enough) that Spurgeon was not a fool or religious when he said, that we should never adjust our Bible to our generation but do the opposite, meaning to adjust our generation to the Bible.




Because today it is exactly what many believers and ministries are doing - they adjust the Bible to this generation and culture. To do this is purely compromising the Bible.


I don’t know about you but I hear lots of things about the irrelevancy of the Bible by our post modern churches like “I know what the Bible says but today we live in a different culture, a new generation where the Bible for the most parts is out dated!”. So to say that we adjust the Word of God, the Bible, to our Christian culture of today because the Bible is supposedly outdated, not really relevant to this generation of believers.



Do we need an erasable Bible?

Well, today you almost need an “Erasable Bible” where everybody is allowed to erase whatever they do not like in the Bible or to transform/adapt what they feel is the proper interpretation for their needs and feelings.


If the Bible is the Word of God than we better think twice before we want to adjust it for our own purposes or for the sake of our culture/generation/modern culture of today.


If we are really believing the Word of God, than we have to honor this holy gift with all our heart for the purpose of adjusting ourselves, our culture, our generation, our nation, our church to it.  


It is the holy purpose of the Word of God to change the World

and not the purpose of the world to change the Bible

to it`s own beliefs and values.



Denis Lavoie



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