Are your prayers working for you?

November 5, 2017


Sounds Familiar?

Here are some statements about prayer that could sound familiar to you:


. “I prayed a lot but it seems that prayer doesn't really work!”


. “I pray by faith but God is rarely answering my prayers!”


. “Of course God is not answering all prayers because God is


.  "Man! I prayed a thousand words trying to reach God and 

   still I have no answer!”


. “We will storm heaven with many prayers (petitions), hoping God will hear us!”


Well, many believers hang on traditional prayers and beliefs about “how to pray” which are not favorable for our New Covenant dispensation or they are frustrated when prayers are not answered, asking themselves, what is going on in heaven.



Let me ask you a few questions 

and please be honest to yourself:

. How did you learn to pray since you are a believer in Christ?


. When was the last time you had a teaching or a seminar about how to pray?


. How many prayers have you committed in the name of the Old Covenant or

  mixed New Covenant prayers with old wine skin style of prayer?


. Again, if you are being honest to yourself—how is your prayer life working for you? 

  100% answered prayers, 50%, 25% or you just lost hope!


Hey! We have to wake up my friend, because God and His Word have great news (answers) for you, that prayer works, each prayer is heard by God and each prayer is answered in good time or by faith but the key is to pray ACCORDING to the Word of God IN the context of the New Covenant.




I know that this nugget is provokative and it gives no indication what so over about

how to pray according to the Word of  God in the context of the New Covenant or

as New Covenant believers.

Well, if there is an immediate demand about how to pray as such 

I will make an effort to give a little teaching as fast as possible

and if no demand at all then next year some when, I will do a topic entitled 

- Effective Prayers -. 



Denis Lavoie


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