Part 2 - Tolerance is surely to be kind and loving?



Tolerance is the BIG word of today!

Tolerance is the big word of today being greatly promoted under the banner of "Love". 

For many people and even for lots of Christians, tolerance equals - love your neighbor for who he or she is and for what they stand for.

If you love, then you have to tolerate the difference life styles and the variety of beliefs of this world.

But it is also a very tricky and deceptive word if you really know what the bible has to say about what love is all about!


If you think about it seriously,

tolerance is only tolerance and not love at all. 



Well, let me explain this through some examples:


I can tolerate my neighbors until they freak me out.

   Here tolerance is a condition, not love at all times.

   If you say that you are a loving person then where are your limits, your red buttons, your level of tolerance if I press too

   hard on you with the Word of God or if I press the wrong button where you will freak-out?


As liberal and cool Christian you tolerate every kind of belief, even Satanism, voodoo,
   sorcery, shamanism, knowing that what they believe and practice is the round to hell according to the Bible.

   This is not love but pure hypocrisy, irresponsable, criminal and sinful! 


. You must tolerate your neighbors but not yourself because your religion says so.

   Well, Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself.

   Oh, you forget this part about ourselves, hey!  

   This is not love but to be a masochist.

   Love involves all where tolerance has always its limits.


. "The Love Parade" where the rainbow people are expressing/promoting tolerance & love where they will have zero 

   tolerance for those who critic or protest against "The Love Parade"

   This "Love Parade"  is more about a protest against biblical Christians "fundamentalist" and to achieve acceptance by the

   world community.

   For those who are in favor for the "Love Parade" and the rainbow people life style they will have zero tolerance for those

   who believe in the bible literally as authoritative, meaning it is politically okay not to tolerant any bible believers but

   politically not okay "Hate crime" if biblical believers are not tolerant toward the life style of the rainbow people. 

   By the way if you are offended by this then where is your love and tolerance for me?


. "You will tolerate my belief, my religion but I will not tolerate you because you are a bible freak believing that your   

   Jesus is the only one way to God."

   Sounds familiar?

   Where is tolerance here? 


Strange enough, people tolerate everybody they like to tolerate and it seems that they know more about love then God does, who is love and taught us what really is love in His Word, the Bible.


Tolerance is not God`s love

but an agent of Satan!


Denis Lavoie



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This is Canadian`s winter in black & white.

It was took in Saint Hyacinthe Quebec at the end of a snow storm.


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