The world has a bullseye to focus on!



 I am just a Canadian!

I am a Canadian (French - From Montreal, Quebec), my wife is German (We live in Germany) and my heart stands for USA (We lived  3 years in USA).

But even if Canada is the country I was born in, having ancestors since 1600 and even if my wife is German and even if USA is a fascinating place with a great Christian heritage, none these 3 countries are the epicenter of the world according the Word of God (Bible).




Then what's the big deal?

Well, some of us believers are thinking differently from what the Bible clearly teaches and we think with pride, that our country is the epicenter of the world, assuming, this is OK with God. 

The big deal about it is, that to many Christians from Canada, USA, Germany and all over the world are snubbing this little country in the middle east, "Israel" the land of God, the land of the Jews, the epicenter of the world.



Just a few micro examples!

The following will not be a detailed/in depth history about how some countries or religious communities are snubbing Israel. This will be in general, meaning, that not all are like this or think like this.

My aim is not to put down any countries because there are good and bad things in any country, even Israel.

I will use only 4 examples: "USA & Canada" and two religious communities "Catholics & Islam".

Also keep in mind that I love USA and I would be more than happy to live there again.

Plus, I am Canadian who loves his country from coast to coast. 



I went to Bible School in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA for 3 years accompanied by my family and we agreed, that it was the best time ever in our life but of course the best is yet to come.

Nevertheless as we were there we heard much talk among the American believers (Christians) like “We are the best people in the world.” or “There is nothing better then American worship!” or “We are proud to be Americans! God bless America”. Well, when you hear this all the time it makes you feel that USA is the epicenter of the World, that there is NO place like USA in the world. 

In my Bible school I never heard among the students (about 1500) any mention about the land of Israel and this goes also for the mega church we were attending.

Actually when you are among the believers at church with the sermons and the worship it makes you feel or gives you the impression, that Jesus was an American and that He will come back to USA, which of course the Americans know that will come back to Jerusalem. 

Even if USA is so to say a friend of Israel, the government is very careful not to bless Israel too much, especially since few decades.

Indirectly, "God bless America" makes the Americans feel that they are the epicenter of the world. 



Of course USA it is not the only country in this world to think and behave like the Americans because a lot of other countries have this unhealthy pride like Canadians for example.
Actually Canadians, which I am one of them, are more proud about themselves then the Americans. 

Believe me, this liberal country has more anti other countries opinions than the Americans, plus they do not value their neighbors very much, the American people.

So, Israel is not that much of a value for the Canadians (In general!!!).

As for the believers in Canada it is difficult to define what they really think about Israel because everything is prophetic or prophetic weirdness and self centered. 

In Canada it is not "God bless Canada" but "Oh Canada..." which is more "Oh me the Canadian..." where you feel that the epicenter center of the world is not Canada but the Canadians.


Catholics & Islam!

From a religious perspective, the Catholics think that Rome is the epicenter of the world and for the Muslims (Islam) it is Mecca.

The land of Israel, where the Jews are living, is a land of trouble but Jerusalem is supposedly mentioned as a holy site in the Koran though not by name.



Voluntary or involuntary!

The land of Israel which is the Land of the Jews, is definitely "voluntary or involuntary"

 ... ignored or pushed aside by some countries for political, cultural and religious reasons.


... used and loved in hypocritical ways by so called friendly countries.


... mistreated, hated and even fought against with such envy by anti Jewish countries.


The land of Israel is voluntary and

involuntary pushed aside as for being

the epicenter of the world!



Healthy love for Israel!

As you already know, I am not a Jew but the question for some of you in my regard would be “Are you having a love and high respect for the Jewish people (Israel)?" or "Do you really believe Israel is the epicenter of the world!?!".

And my answer is a definite “Yes!” and this without any apologies.



Because I know for sure (100%) that the Tenach/Old Covenant and B’rit Hadashah/New Covenant are the Word of God and if the Word of God then I will believe what it says that:

. Through the Jewish people the Messiah has come which makes the Messiah Jewish and Yeshua/Jesus is His name.


. The Jewish people in the physical are still God’s people according to the Tenach and the B’rit Hadashah. 


. All nations and especially the believers in Christ should be a blessing to the land of Israel and the Jewish people where    

  ever they are in the world.


According to the Bible, Israel is the epicenter of the world to focus on, it is the legitimate land of the chosen people of God, the Jews and it’s the land where the Messiah will come back to eliminate evil and start His millennial reign from Israel, Jerusalem.



No problem but only thankful!

I have no problem that the Jews called this land Israel and that God chose this land to be the epicenter of the world. Actually for me this part of the world, "Israel", is my focal point or if you will - a spiritual magnet.

I thank God for the Jews and the land of Israel because God gave me a precious focus on end time prophecies where Israel is playing a key role.

Many believers think, when hard times come, it is the end of the world like during the election of Donald Trump many feared or still fear, that he is an evil man who will one day push the nuclear button.


This is to be out of biblical focus!


Just for example, the teacher of one of my daughters who is definitely a born again believer and knows a lot about the Bible, loving Israel, said after the surprising victory of Donald Trump, that "She wishes to die!" in front of her students in class.



Because she his afraid of the end times and believes, that Donald Trump will bring a curse on the earth.

This teacher is spiritually seen out of focus, for her, Israel is not the epicenter of the world where the events of the end time will unfold, as the Word of God has predicted. 

OK! I know that some of you think that she could be an isolated case or that I made this up.

Well, about one week later the German magazine "Der Spiegel" wrote on the front page "Das Ende der Welt"* (The end of the world) and in the picture you see the sun being remodeled as Donald Trump, eating or heating up the earth which of course has to do with the global warming issue that Trump has a problem with.

People, and even Christians like my daughters teacher, fear, that Trump will bring about the end of the world. 

* Der Spiegel - Nr.46 12/11/2016 


USA is not the epicenter of the world

& Donald Trump is not the Antichrist! 



Then let’s refocus on Israel!

I will race through time with a few verses from Genesis to Revelation. 

The purpose is to find out from scripture if the little Denis Lavoie sees stuff that are not in the Bible and to secure ourselves in the truth which will set us free from doubting that Israel is the epicenter of the world. 


Abraham, the land, his descendant and the Messiah!

God’s everlasting covenant with Abraham and the promised land (The land of the Canaanites and in the future to be called Israel) for his descendants was made through and only through Isaac & Jacob (Israel) where THE blessing for the whole world came through the Messiah (Jesus/Yeshua)which makes Abraham and the nation of Israel a blessing and not a curse for the world like so many see Israel and the Jews as such!


Genesis 12:1-3; 15:7-18; 17; 19,

 Exodus 2:7


Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple mount!

Israel, Jerusalem is the real focal point because of the temple mount which makes Israel, as a nation, the epicenter of the World where we should be focusing on. 

Of course the temple mount in the New Covenant is in the heart of believers where the Holy Spirit lives but still the temple mount of the Old Covenant which is the physical temple mount is in Jerusalem, Israel and it will be rebuild in the end time for prophetic purposes. 


Zechariah 8:1-3, 2 Chronicles 6:6; 7:16; 33:7,

Psalms 137:5-6, 2 Chronicles 3:1, Mark 11



Just a little nugget for you to chew on.

The Talmud is the traditional vocal heritage of the Jewish people that was accumulated in writing (After Christ)

in a book, called the Talmud. I know that the Talmud is not the Holy Scripture, the Word of God

but never the less some parts in it are very interesting to know, like for example the Talmud states

that the epicenter of the world is the land of Israel, the epicenter of the land of Israel is the city of Jerusalem

and the epicenter of the city of Jerusalem is the temple mount.


The Messiah & the epicenter, Israel! 

Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well that salvation, talking about Himself, would come from the Jews, the nation of Israel being the epicenter of the first coming of the Messiah "The Lamb of God-the Redeemer of God" and of the second coming of the Messiah "The Lion of Judah-the King of God".

When Jesus went up to the Father in heaven as the disciples were watching Him, this grandiose event occurred in Israel, Jerusalem (at the mount of Olive) where two men (angels) who stood there (appeared) by the disciples, saying “Men of Galilee, why  do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner  as you saw Him go into heaven.” Acts 1:11

Israel and Jerusalem in Israel are no doubt the epicenter of the world! 


John 4:21-22, John 1:29, John 3:16-18,

John 19:17-22, Acts 1:9-12, Revelation 5:5


God is true to Israel because of His prophetic time table!

We are a blessed generation because the prophecies of the Word of God came and still come to pass right in front of our eyes with an incredible accuracy, and Israel is right in the middle if it which means, that Israel is the epicenter of prophecies on this blue planet earth.

One of those prophecies is the rebirth of the state of Israel where the Jews would come back to there respective land (Israel) and become one nation again in just one day.

Well, this specific and amazing prophecy came to pass not long ago and it surprised and shocked many nations because Israel became a nation again in just one day in May 1948 after the Diaspora where the Jews were dispersed into the world (thrown out of Israel) for about 2000 years.


No nation since the beginning of time

became a nation in just one day!


So, since 1948 Israel, the epicenter of the world, is still a shock wave for many nations today and until today God is protecting Israel miraculously from its enemies, God is preparing His holy ground, Israel, for the prophetic events of the end time - the return of Christ who will eliminate all evil on earth and establish His millennial reign where the capital of the Messiah will be in Israel, Jerusalem.  

Isaiah 66:8; 43:1-6, Ezekiel 11:17-19, Jeremiah 31:4-8; Revelation 19:11-21; 20:4-6



In conclusion!

I really want to encourage you to focus on the land Israel without forsaking (cursing) our own land where you where born and without turning too crazy for Israel with these 5 conclusive reasons:

. First of all, the land of Israel is in the Bible being the eternal, never ending, forever promised land of God to the Jews.


. Second, to ignore this fact as a child of God is to ignore God's Word.


Third, whatever God says/declares is the truth and when the land of the Jews is the promised the land of milk and honey

  which is clearly Israel then it is officially the truth, a reality which we cannot erase or eliminate.


. Fourth, as a believer in Christ to think about/focus on the land of Israel as to be the land of the Jews, the epicenter of the

  world is to bless/honor God's Word and to bless those who God still loves, the Jews.


. Fifth, to see Israel as the epicenter of the world is to connect with the time table of God and to have a healthy prophetic

  view about the end times events. 


Israel is surely the epicenter of the world which I have to add a big "Amen" (So be it) on that!

Then, God bless your heart for the love you already have or will have for Israel.


Highly recommend!

Please purchase the DVD or the book of Joel Rosenberg “The epicenter” (easily through - which is super eye opening and very precise information about the nation of Israel, the conflicts there and the prophetic events.

If you read or look at the DVD you will not be able to stay indifferent about Israel and keeping this land out of your focus. Also you can check the entire presentation (full version) for free on under - "Epicenter"~The Middle East (Complete Documentary) Joel Rosenberg -


Denis Lavoie


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Next time

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"Why Israel Corner"  or why should 

we spend some precious times talking, writing,

teaching about Israel and the Jews as Christians?  





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