One of the hardest evidences against evolution!


Not millions but a day!

Evolutionary scientists will firmly claim that it took, as a natural process, millions of years to form diamonds.

But did you know that more and more reports are coming out that this is not the case at all!

As a matter of fact, American companies have now officially stated that they have made artificial jewelery diamonds of a 2 to 10 of an inch thick not in many years or months but in just one day.

Actually these diamonds are the largest gems ever produced, using man made processors.



"But these diamonds are artificial ones!"

I am sure that some of you immediately started to think that “Ya, right! These diamonds are only artificial ones and not  natural”.

Well, old on Jack because where it becomes very interesting is what the scientists says about these artificial diamonds to have the same properties as the natural diamonds we find in the world, meaning they are artificially real diamonds made by man in just one day.

So, if scientists can produce jewelery quality diamonds in the lab in just one day, then it does not necessarily take millions of years to form diamonds which the evolutionist band of brothers and sisters are singing, shouting and claiming from their pulpits that it took millions of years to produce diamonds proving that the evolution theory is a fact.




Real Observation is real science! 

That we want it or not, to make diamonds in just one day is a real good lesson for us through real observational science which confirmed that we have the full picture, fact and evidence that diamonds were made in just one day in the Genesis account of creation.

Hey, this means that creation make sense, Christians are not so dumb after all and that some Biblical believers in Christ like me actually love good science with real evidences.


Therefore, we have to shape up and realize that nothing in observational science has ever contradicted the Biblical account of history of just a few thousand years.


“For in six days the lord made the heavens

and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them”

Exodus 20:11


Denis Lavoie 



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Next time

in Creation, science & the Bible

I really love dinosaurs and I will introduce you

to an agile and giant flyer




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