How many times can we be born again?


Nicodemus and Jesus!

Most Christians know the story in John 3:1-21, where Nicodemus, a Pharisee, came to Jesus at night.

Nicodemus admired Jesus, saw scripture fulfilled in this preacher and wanted to express his thoughts in person.

He chose the night because he feared exposing his interest in Jesus to people who would judge him therefore, since he was a member of the religious leadership.

Interestingly, as he approached Jesus, he wasn't referring to himself in the first person, instead he said, ‘we know that you are a teacher come from God’.

If this was really the case, why did Nicodemus find it necessary, to hide in the dark of the night if all of them knew...?

Jesus looked beyond the religious disguise and answered a question, Nicodemus didn't even ask but probably pondered in his heart: 'Jesus answered and said to him: “Most assuredly, I say unto you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”' John 3:3 . 



In this short Nugget, 

I want to examine the event and the process of being born again with a special focus:

A baby comes into this world by birth.

It was first conceived then developed in the mothers womb and if everything goes well, born into this world after nine months.

This event takes place on a time line, it can neither be reversed nor repeated.

It happened, the baby was born, now it’s alive, growing and developing.

With the spiritual man (woman) it is the same thing.

To get into God’s kingdom, we have to be born in a spiritual sense.

Our spirits, separated from God and therefore dead, must come back to life, because God is Spirit and we can only refer to Him and exist in His kingdom as spirit, cleansed, sealed and made holy.

The bible defines death as separation.

Our spirit was separated from God and through the new birth, it comes ‘alive’ again, meaning, it gets reconnected to God and sealed by the Holy Spirit.



Why reconnected?

It got disconnected, when Adam and Eve committed the first sin in the Garden.

It is important to realize, that the event of disconnection also happened on a time line, it happened, it is past tense but affected all humanity until today.

Once a person is spiritually born again, the spirit stays saved, even if we are ‘backsliding’.

We are saved as long as we don’t commit the sin against the Holy Spirit, a conscious refusal of Jesus’ salvation after we were saved.


As a baby can only be born once, so our spirit can and has to be born only once.

Why is it then, that so many preachers call people in their church services forward, to ‘get saved again’ (calling it re-commitment) after being ‘backslidden’  ?

Why is it, that we give people the impression, they can live a terrible or indifferent life and come back again and again instead of teaching them holiness and also the spiritual dangers of backsliding (e.g. the point of no return) ?


Yes, Jesus loves us and is willing to forgive over and over, but a person who drifted away from him, should come back in honest repentance, which means, to turn away from his wrong path for good, and not just by lifting a hand during an emotional altar call and hope for the best.


We are called to make disciples, mature and strong followers of Jesus, able workers for the kingdom of God.

We are not called to perpetually deliver the same spiritual babies that never grow up.

That’s what we do, but in reality, this is impossible!

We cannot deliver, what was already delivered, what was already born.

Like the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) : he was still the son of the father but just disobedient, gone astray.

He never lost his son ship, he just had to turn back for good, home to the father to stay and not to leave, come back, leave, come back and so on!

And his coming back didn't have anything to do with getting his son ship back, he already and still had it!

We should stop doing nonsense in our churches and start teaching biblical truths instead of entertaining the unsaved and the immature!


Babies are born once, then they mature

and develop or they die.

What are we facilitating:

their development or their death?


Cordula Lavoie




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