Is this possible and who said it?

November 5, 2017

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Answer: Ronald Reagan


A little chat! 

One year ago I had a little chat at my church with a fellow believer who is Pentecostal and born again Christian.

After a few minutes into our conversation I found out, that he was sincerely believing that the Bible did not have all the answers.

Well, I was of another opinion, I believe, that the Bible has all the answers from cover to cover, we need in our Christian life and much more.




He was shocked about my belief and about my confidence in the Word of God because his mind was settled, that, what I believe cannot be true. He was 100% sure that God left us with unanswered questions, mysteries and with this famous trap question “Where is it in the Bible that we should not look at this show or that show on TV?” *.

For him I was religious, old fashioned and he was probably thinking that I am not a smart person (illiterate).



What I know, I know!

Well, I don`t know it all but what I know I know and I have the same opinion as Ronald Reagan who said: “Within the covers (Genesis to Revelations) of the Bible are answers for all problems men face”.

Ronald Reagan was probably not a ultra born again Christian but he knew that the Bible has all the answers for all our problems we face and much more.

Look, to be the president of USA you need to be smart with a long process of education and life experiences while my little peanut brain friend with all due respect, is far from being at the level of President Reagan.

To say that the Bible does not have all the answers for all the problems men face, tells me a lot about the person, even if he or she is a born again believer in Christ.




This is not really an observation but a fact that the person who believes like this, has a lack of knowledge about God and His Word, the Bible “My people die for a lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6.

That Christian friend and many others like him, never started to examine who God really his “Be still, and know that  I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!“ Psalms 46:10 and never profoundly studied the Bible from cover to cover “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.“ 2 Timothy 2:15.



The Bible!

One thing I found out about believers today is their lack of knowledge about how to study their Bible effectively where the Word of God becomes a wow effect in their heart, which is not the cause today **

The Bible for most believers today is a devotional, a good book to read and an emergency push button when necessary.

It is surely not a study book for the purpose of finding treasures and revelations in the Word of God.




If you want you to see God’s Word opening up to you like a treasure box, if you want answers to your problems or if you want to know where the problem is for the purpose of correcting or praying about it the New Covenant way, then there are no cutting corners, you need to know how to study the Word of God and get in it regularly, which I suspect the former president of the United States Ronald Reagan had such a knowledge on how to study the Bible and he found truth in it “Ah, here‘s the  answer again in the Bible!”.

For Ronald Reagan to make such a statement “Within the covers (Genesis to Revelations) of the Bible are answers for all  problems men face” was not a light thing to say but the truth to him, the truth in his heart which is true to me too. 


Then what about you? 



* Answer: Psalms 101:3 “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: ..."

** Teaching “How to study the Bible without turning nuts” to come soon in our Blog!


Denis Lavoie



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