What are you really reflecting on?

Paddling or Swimming? 

Charles Spurgeon said “Faith may swim but reason may paddle” or let me put it this way “The truth of the Word which  causes us to have faith will swim against the flows of philosophies (reasoning) but to reason the Bible all the time will cause  us to paddle and flow in an ocean of philosophies which will bring us no where or lead us into a literal dead end (death & spiritual death)!” .


Here’s a simple analogy for you - because of a circumstance the boat of a couple sank in the ocean not far from an island they both could see.

One swam by faith to the island, knowing that she could reach it but the man started to paddle because he reasoned if he could reach the island in time because the sun was going down and it would be dark soon!



About reasoning!

Please, don’t take Charles Spurgeon and me wrongly, thinking we are against reasoning or using our mind/soul/brain.

No, God gave us a brain to think and for reasoning BUT the problem is the too much which causes us to reflect more on us than the Word of God.

It is the too much reasoning which causes us to philosophy concerning the Word of God where the truth is twisted or is no more.

It is the too much reflecting on circumstances around us and in this world which causes us to not take action when God says
"Go, preach and teach, baptize and teach some more until our Lord comes a back”
(Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15-20, Acts 1:8  and not to forget John 14:12).


You see, God’s Word, the Bible is the truth and we should at all time reflect on it but if we are trusting our mind as well, then our mind can be very tricky, in error, have a serious lack of knowledge, be massively traditional, sometimes right on and therefore causing us to be mixed-up which will make us compromise the Bible, the truth and much more.


But on the other hand we surely need our mind to think, meditate and reason on the truth of the Word of God.

Actually this is thinking with God’s Holy Spirit in us for a truthful answer and affirmation.   


God’s Word is the truth we should reflect on a daily basis, never to comprise it with our own philosophies or trough the philosophies of this world.   


Denis Lavoie


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