What do you think about pastors and do we need them today?

November 2, 2017

Graduated and former pastor!

I graduated as a pastor in USA 2006 and was for a short time a pastor in Canada.

This combination definitly helped me realize, see, experience for myself what pastors are all about and what they are going through.

And yes, the following goes in favor for pastors not because I was one or graduated as pastor but because of the clear responsabililty they have from God - to sheperd/care for the sheep of God with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the blessing of our Great Sherperd Jesus Christ. 



Supposed reasons why pastors are not that important!

Well, my time as a pastor was yes, a very fruitful experience for me, but a very bad one as well (almost cost me my life and family).


As ex-pastor!

Because of this tragic experience as pastor in my life I could easily have found out many reasons why to pastor a church is futile (does not work), why it is dangerous for the health of the pastor and why it can easily cause big trouble in the family of the pastor, and so on.


As a pew sitter!

Before my graduation as pastor and pastor a church or more precisely as a pew sitter (a sheep) I saw some serious mistakes from pastors which turned out to be pretty negative for the church. I experienced both pastoral liberalism and dictatorship. Also just to make me vomit lots more excuse why pastor is a "No do" and a "No will do" for me is when I observed the behaviors of the sheep who complained all the time about the pastor or to the pastor about stuff they did not like in the church.

And this would have been the perfect excuse about pastors - I heard lots of stories about sheep biting the pastor until blood came out where the excuse would have been "Who in his right mind would want to be a pastor?".


I could have started an excuse

or an anti pastor club!  



But the question is “Are pastors important?” 

or "Are pastors Biblical, God ideas?"

This is a very significant question to answer because many negative ideas and wrong biblical concepts about pastors came up from bad experiences each sides made (pastors and pew sitters/sheep).

I know for a fact that some pastors who were feed up about the sheep complaining all the time, the sheep staying at the level of lambs since years (never growth to be mature) *, the unreasonable demands, the board dictatorship and the low salary which the pastor must work 8 hours for himself as a truck driver for example, then take care of the church in the evening, prepare the Sunday service on Saterday and expected on Sunday being to be on top of everything are seeing the pastor`s job as ridicules, irrelevant twisting the bible to justifying their conclusion that "To pastor it is not working then it must not be biblical (not God`s idea) or we go it all wrong about what a pastor is all about"

On the other hand, the sheep who don´t like to be lead by one man authority or have/had problems with pastors are coming with the bad and unbiblical conclusion that a pastor is not needed, then it is not God`s idea **. 

So to say that I was not alone with bad experiences about pastors and taking care of a church as pastor but the difference here is this - whatever the conclusion or experiences I made about pastor I will always refer and rely to Scripture about this issue of pastors are important (relevant) which means that if pastors are God idea.

Here another point for you - I will refer to Scripture without any agenda of dismissing the pastor job because of my bad experiences which so many done for the sake of self justification.  

I said at the beginning that this little teaching will go in favor of pastor which is to take side with God about the importance of a pastor in one denomination.

Note that this is a nugget (small teaching) and not a teaching (big teaching) meaning that I will not put any bible verses but I will give you some strong reasons why pastors are important!  



Reasons in a nut shell about why a godly pastor 

who is called by God to be so is very important!


First of all  - I can logically and historically prove to you, without the Bible, that mankind needs leaders and good ones.

This is human nature and it is not negotiable, we need leaders to guide us or it will be (guaranty) chaos and anarchy.

Here also I can prove to you that a one man leader is not too far fetch but super reasonable and wise if the leader is a leader and not a butcher perfectly knowing there was more butchers then leaders in human history. 


Second - I can certify that God and His Word has another opinion about godly pastors then our own opinions about pastors because of our bad experiences we made about pastor and being a pastor ***.

As God is concerned, through Scripture, the leadership of a pastor, the presence of an appointed shepherd of the flock of Christ (God) in a local church is God’s plan, will.


Third - the experience of this elderly and mature man of God in a local church is more valuable then most of us can think or belief.

God put this man in this top position to lead with his valuable experience and knowledge.


Fourth - God gave the ultimate responsibility for one man to lead and care for His sheep, the pastor/shepherd, with the clear knowledge that the shepherd is under the leadership of the Great Shepherd Jesus Christ.

It is also very clear that the pastor will have to delegate responsibilities too others (form leaders to lead) because the pastor is not a one man task or dictator but a leader leading others to lead with him in his respectable local church.  


Fifth - pastors are a must have in a local church because:

 . Sheep can easily become self-centered, damaging everything in their path like a tornado does if they are let alone without

   leadership and disciple where love must present at all time in the heart of the leader.


 . If the flock is left alone without a central leader like the pastor they lead themselves away from the Great Commission of

   Christ which it was not an option or a recommendation but a command of our Lord Jesus to all believers to be involve in.


 . If the sheep are lead by too much leaders, without a pastor as the central leader of the church, they will eventually

   choose who they want to be lead by for their own purposes and beliefs.


 . Sheep will bring some epidemics into the local church which can be religious, sectarian, worldly and esoteric stuff where

   the pastor must be charge as the door keeping of the flock of God health, biblically.


 . Without a pastor at the whelm of the local church for the purpose of leading, reminding and overseeing the sheep about

   their duties, I can guaranty you by experience and today more then ever that the sheep will have the tendency to relax,

   drop their guards, want the good life, demanding to be entertained with laughter and songs which will be more fun then to

   be lead by a pastor, the Word of God and God`s will for His church.


 . Without the hears of a biblical pastor about what enter is his as worldly philosophies, false teachings and deceptions and

   the mouth of the pastor to teach, correct and rebuke then each sheep will loose their biblical faith/perspective to the

   broad road if this world which is not the narrow road of Christ. 


Sixth - only leaders as elders in the local church without a central leader as the pastor, if we think about it, it is too much leadership with too much opinions causing too much clubs in the local church.


Seventh - if Jesus is to be our only Shepherd on earth while He is in heaven, it is then an unrealistic and unbiblical way of thinking because Christ delegated shepherds to be leaders in their own church****


YES, pastors are needed!

It is God`s idea for us all! 


Denis Lavoie



* One pastor`s wife told me with fustration and without hope that her congregation is a kinder garden and they must be realistic that it will

    stay like this forever.


** We know a church which the pastor was a dictator and since he left this church don`t believe in pastors and they surely will not have a one

    man leader like a pastor in their church anymore.


*** Note that a pastor can be called according to the Bible as an elder or a bishop being the leader in his own church.


**** I am not talking about the leadership structure of the Catholic church but a biblical one where the pastor is the leader of his local church

       under the leadership of Christ. 



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