Pterosaurs - agile and giant aviators?


According to evolution - dumb flier!

some secular scientists (evolutionist) say that most flying reptiles, like the Pterosaurs (flying dinosaurs), would have been terrible fliers, meaning they would have flight disabilities.

The question a good scientist should ask himself at all time is “Do evidences really support that belief?”.



Let`s see - according to real science!

Well, Pterosaurs were not at all primitive, handicap by there size and surely not dumb flyers.

Facts (evidences) support that they were able to perform complex aerobatic manoeuvers.

X-ray scans of Pterosaurs skulls - real science - have revealed that a large region of their brain can integrate signals from joint muscle skin and the balance organs.

In birds, this region is usually large compared to all other animals.

About 1 to 2%  of the birds total brain mass, but as for the Pterosaurs this region took an incredible 7.5% of the total brain mass, probably because of their large wings and as a result they obviously had excellent flight control and abilities, being fairly good flyers or if you prefer, aviators.

The brain issue is sounding very complicated if you are not acquainted with biology but here’s a simple question for those who believe in evolution about the Pterosaur “How can such a flight controlling and complicated brain have ever evolved?”. Well, the answer is that it could not have evolved at all because the Bible, God’s Word, informs us that the first aviators, Pterosaurs and birds were created on day 5, alongside with all the fishes.

And by the way, those created flying dinosaurs were perfectly formed by God and able to fly because God created them to be perfect aviators and ready to fly on day 5 of the creation of God.


What an amazing Creator

and Designer we have!



Denis Lavoie



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Next Time

in Creation Science and the Bible

I will expose the wrong way of exposing the expression

"tohû vābohû" and of course I will explain the truth

meaning of it not being an expression but a fact.

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