An education without the Bible is useless?

January 17, 2018


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Answer: Noah Webster

(Schoolmaster and Founder of Webster Dictionary, 1828 (1758–1843)


I really love the way Noah Webster puts it, that an education is useless without the Bible, knowing perfectly, that it could upset or offend some because of the typical way of thinking today  - that we are smarter then they were at the time of Noah Webster in 1828. Many would argue “Just look at the technology of today compared to the past!” 

Now, I will admit that from riding a horse in Webster’s time to driving electric cars today, technology has greatly advanced (developed).

As a matter of a fact, knowledge is still exploding right now, but Webster was not talking about technology at all but about moral issues “Rules to direct our conduct”.


It is clear to me that when people today

feel to attack or defend their opinion

they are proving Webster`s statement!



4 wacky examples of conduct today!

We always forget or don´t want to admit that the moral education, the rules of conduct since a few decades (especially since the 60’s and even before that) have greatly digressed because the people of our planet have converted to their own opinions and rules.

I could give you lots of examples, but let me give you 4, where the rules of conduct are without the education of the Bible and turn out to be really, really wacky, leading to more wacky stuff in the future.


1) Church conduct today!

Many local churches (not all) are trying to lower the biblical standards “Biblical doctrines out! Psychology and socialism in!”.

The result is not good at all if you are honest biblically and it also proves Webster`s statement to be right on.

Of course some churches will be offended, telling me that I am too negative, that I see everything wrong when they only look for a way to excuse their social/worldly moral conduct because they want to reach the community with a ’modern’  social gospel.

Churches don`t want to educate and offend anybody with in their opinion negative dark words like sin, repentance, hell or everything else that is biblical, hardcore doctrine.

Actually the word doctrine is ridiculed and seen as bad karma.

So the new concept is - “Jesus loves you”, “There is hope for you”, “God sees the potential in each of you and all the people in this world”, “Try Jesus, He will not disappoint you”, “The blood of Jesus washed your problems away” and “To be united is better then to be right!” meaning the social gospel is uniting us but the biblical doctrines are separating us from each other and especially the world.

Actually the education through psychology has mostly replaced the education of the Word of God in our churches.

Some churches have become a place to hangout, entertainment and party centers with motivational snapshot talk shows and worldly conversation centers and the real biblical education has been eliminated or at least twisted into a social gospel.

Of course some churches would protest, telling me that they are biblically centered, which is true for the most part but what they do now or build at the moment (probably unconsciously) is slowly but surely leading to a falling away from the authority of the Bible, the Word of God.

Meaning that “Their social education is useless without the Bible and it`s doctrines (Rules).


2) The music industry is growing worse!

In the 1989 Real to Real Ministry produced a 3 hour documentary called “Hells Bells: The Dangers of Rock`N`Roll” which happened to be really mind opening for me concerning the effects of rock music.

At that time morality in the music industry was bad but you still had to pay close attention to realize what was really going on behind the scene.

Well, this same Real to Real Ministry had to produce another documentary 10 years later, of about 6 hours, this time because the effects of the music industry have grown darker and more powerful than ever, meaning it is a no brainer after seeing this documentary that it’s not only about bad morality anymore but undisguised evil.

An interesting point is, that in this new documentary, people were asked in an interview, if they could find good biblical morality in the music industry of today, like for example “to honor your parents”.

Well, from all those who where interviewed, many found the question amusing, because it was obvious, there could not be found one song that would tell to honor your parents, most admitted that much of the music today is about rebellion, sex, rock & chill.

Today, this monster is huge where the education of the Bible has become a myth, a playground to laugh about and ridicule the moral content of the Word of God.

The bottom line is, we should not be surprised because the music industry is showing us that an “Education for good morality is useless without the Bible”.


3) Cell phone communications, well…!

People today are surely in love with their smart phone and they are surely communicating ALL THE TIME!!!

I remember the first time I saw this artificial kind of communication when a couple was sitting next to us at a fast food restaurant in Oklahoma, USA with their 2 children.

Wow, were they communicating, but only with their cell phone, talking for about 45 minutes without saying a single word to each other or their children.

This was in 2005 but now it’s worse than ever, because believers and unbelievers text each other like crazy or they supposedly communicate by sending pictures about what they are eating and so on.

It is a syndrome of our time, we prefer fast paced small talk instead of face to face relationship.

It is normal today, that people (friends, family members and even the pastor) are stopping the face-to-face-conversation for the sake of the smart phone “Wait, I have to check this out” or “Wait, I have to answer this and then this and then that , that, that, that and maybe I will get back to you”.

At church, if you make a topic or speak from the pulpit, you have to inform the people to turn off their smart phone.

There is no integrity, no self control anymore concerning this little instrument in your pocket.

The biblical morality about good communication has become useless because of unproductive education which the world is offering us. 


4) Young parents are saying “What is going on with our kids today?”

2008 in Sudbury Ontario Canada where we lived a few years (now we live in Germany), parents of only 30 years old were complaining, how their children were behaving badly today and that the education of our society wasn’t being helpful at all. What is very significant is this - these parents were not believers in Christ or any other religions.

They actually saw the moral decay of our days clearer than most born again Christians, praising God every day, going regularly to church on Sunday and supposedly reading their Bible.

If we think about it, these young couples who were not Christian at all, unconsciously agreed with Webster, that an education in good morals is useless without the Bible. 



In conclusion!

If Noah Webster would have been able to jump into our time for the purpose of having a peek about our education, he could have said or wrote “I was right to say that an education without the Bible is useless".

The moral conduct of this time period is the moral conduct of Sodom and Gomorrah, and I believe that I was witnessing the end of time!”.


My friend this is NOT a negative position of mine or a religious game but reality we all must face and do something about it in these last days!


Good morality comes with the

education of the Word of God,

the Word, our Lord Jesus Christ!



 Denis Lavoie 




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