Part 3 - 2 hindrances you need to know!



A word of caution!

Are you ready for the third round!

If yes, then it is a good sign because your interest is high and in this part 3 you will need it, because I will wrestle with 2 hindrances that teach the opposite of what I taught in part

1 & 2.

So be advised that it will be a difficult part 3, a third round, knowing perfectly that I will step on few toes here and there, not because I don`t love you but because I love the truth of the Word of God more.


So, you have been warned!



A very short recap of part 2!

I love to repeat what I taught previously because we all have a tendency to forget and most of us do not quite get it the first time, but maybe this time with a little recap, you will.

In part 2, I shown you through the Word of God that we have victory through Christ which is a biblical fact, even if some of you still think we are dirty bags.

As New Covenant believers in Christ the Bible shows us that we are not to work our way in life for the purpose of reaching a victory or to beg God through prayers and wait for the result, but that the Victory of Christ, which won for us, is a present tense victorious right “right standing” we all have since 2000 years.


Thank God for his grace

and the love of Christ for such a gift!


In part 2, I could have used more scriptures to show, that the victory of Christ is a constant fact, a reality in our Christian life, but I used only 3 solid scriptures which I will revise with you now.


1. Colossians 2:13-15

I used Colossians 2:13-15 to show that the cross or to carry our cross is a factual sign as New Covenant believers.

It is a sign, a parade of the victory/triumph of Christ we demonstrate every day of our life because Christ achieved this act of love 2000 years ago by grace for us, meaning it is an unmerited done deal in our regards, no question about it.

In other words, to carry our cross is to carry the cross of Christ as a sign of victory which also our victory through and only through Christ.


“And you, being dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh,

He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses,

having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us,

which was contrary to us. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.

Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them,

triumphing over them in it.”

Colossians 2:13-15

(New King James Version)


To carry our cross

is to carry the cross of Christ

as a sign of victory!



2. Romans 8:37-39

Then I used Romans 8:37-39 which is a New Covenant context and not a charismatic pet doctrine like some would say.


“Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers,

nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing,

shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 8:37-39

(New King James Version)

Of course abuses have been done with these verses by unwise charismatics, but nevertheless it is a glorious truth we should all embrace as believers in Christ.

To embrace that we are more than conquerors in Christ is to be victorious in our Christian walk, meaning we come from the victory of the cross.

Without the achievement of Christ on the cross, we would be less than a conquerors, reduces to ourselves.

On the other hand if you don`t belief in being more than a conqueror in Christ because of your religious belief, because of your strong conviction that it is up to God to conquer and not for us, meaning that God has all the muscles and we not, then truth from the Word of God is nullified in you.

In other words, you nullify the truth of the Word of God, you reduce half of the work of Christ at the cross to nothing and you downgrade yourselves to a defeated believer in Christ, hoping God will honor this humble belief of yours.


Hey, I wonder what God will honor more,

your humble belief or His word in Romans 8:37-39?  


3. Matthew 11:11

Also, I used this astonishing proclamation of Jesus Christ about those who would be future disciples and those who think they are the least of all the dirty bags on earth.

Dirty bag or not, Jesus compared His disciples (meaning you if you accepted Him as your Lord and Savior - Romans 10:9) to John the Baptist and all the prophets, saying, that even if you think you are the least of all the disciples whoever existed, YOU, my friend, are greater (more powerful, better positioned - Hebrews 8:6) then John the Baptist and all the prophets in the Old Covenant. This very, very significant and this is not a joke, a false doctrine or my own wishful interpretation but the truth about you, me and all who really accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.


It is in your Bible!



Part 3 begins

“2 false teachings indirectly opposed to this teaching”!

I will show you 2 forms of teachings from some Christian denominations going against what Christ achieved for us at the cross, what I taught in part 1 and 2 of “We come from THE victory”.


Let me settle some issues first before I engage those 2 hindering teachings!

1. These 2 teachings are not the only opposing ones to the teaching I did in part 1 & 2

    but these 2 forms of teachings are more common than others.


2. These 2 teachings are NOT opposing the work of Christ for the remission of sin.

    Meaning, they strong believe in shedding the precious blood of Christ for our sin.

    No doubt about it!


3. I don’t like to use the term “False teaching” but I have to use it from time to time because

    those teachers are in error, in conflict with the Word of God.

    As you already saw, I also use the term “Hindering Teaching”, which is better and smoother

    than “False teaching”, which would imply, that the one who teaches is a “False teacher”.  

    No, this is not the case.

    Look, I could teach falsely about an issue in the Bible and it does not make me a false teacher

    but in error of this particular teaching, but still it is a false teaching without being a false teacher.

    I hope I am clear enough on that because I am not calling those who teach these 2 hindering

    teachings “False teachers” and I am saying to stay away from such teachers.

    Now, a false teacher is somebody who teaches lots of heresy and is committed to it.

    Also a false teacher is somebody who opposes the sound doctrine of the Bible.

    Then these are false teachers and you should stay away from them.


4. You must understand my urgency in engaging the 2 hindering teachings.

    When I hear one or the other following teaching at church with the scripture in mind

    (and in my hands because I always bring my Bible at church) about the achievement of Christ

    at the cross in our regard, then it is a very disturbing matter, especially when the

    minister on the pulpit is very charismatic and the church is agreeing with him or her

    because of his or her charisma. At that moment I would like to say “Hey, they probably

    mean it well and are very sincere, but what does scripture has to say about the teaching

    in a New Covenant context?”.

    On the other hand, I know too well, that even if the congregation does or does not agree

    with the minister, their soul is actually being short circuited and confused because of a

    lack of knowledge about the Bible and the truth of it.


Then, I wish to debug your mind

for the sake of the truth!   



False or hindering teaching # 1

“The theology of empty hands!”

 This is a teaching I heard a few years ago from a minister in Europe at our church.

He was very charismatic, a fast paste preacher and loud.

I remember in my Bible School, when one of my favorite teachers said “If you don`t want to be scrutinized then preach it fast and loud, with an effective dose of charisma. Don’t let time for the people to think. But if you want to be scrutinized, then teach it slow and clear enough for the people to understand but do not be stoic.”.

Actually as my teacher was concerned, he did not like preachers very much.

For him, a minister needed to make people think and let them investigate the scripture and truth was taught, then let people scrutinize you, the teacher. 

So, this machine gun minister in our church did not let any time for the people to think but got them to react positively about his teaching “The theology of empty hands!”.

His teaching was designed to tell us that we are without power and authority and it is up to God to fill us up and do everything for for us.


Don`t misunderstand me!

It is true that a person without Christ, meaning if he or she did not give their life to Christ (Romans 10:9) they are not saved, without the Holy Spirit and therefore without power and authority “Empty hands”.

Where I disagree with this teaching is the extreme of it or should I say the twist of “The theology of empty hands” as New Covenant believers in Christ, that God has it all and we are empty handed and therefore can’t do anything.


This sounds very humble but is false

according to scripture in the New Covenant!



This teaching can differ as:

1. You are with empty hands because you are still a sinner.

    Where sin abounds, there is no power and authority, meaning that most of us are with empty

    hands all the time.

    This goes along with the recommitment issue (to repent) because back slid in sin again and

    to ask (beg God) for the Holy Spirit to come back, being the theology of “To be born

    again and again and again…!”


2. God wants you and me to beg for His power and authority with fervent desire in our heart,
     meaning we are all the time with empty hands not because we are sinners but because God

     wants it like that—you beg Him with all our heart for a portion or a double portion of His

     Anointing, being of course His power and authority.

     In other words, God wants to know if you really, really, really want His power and authority

     as some kind of a test, even if the Holy Spirit lives in you at all time.


3. God will decide to who His power and authority is given for a while or forever but you cannot

    do nothing about it, not even pray for His power and authority.

    The Holy Spirit is yes in you for the purpose of been sealed by the redeeming blood of Christ

    but you are without power and authority and it is God only to decide to who He gives it and for how long.


    This goes right along with ministers who say, they have it all because God needs them and God doesn’t

    really need you as pew sitter, meaning that you are just a saved pew sitter with empty hands.

    So just relax and enjoy your life without power and authority. Let the professionals deal with this holy

    high quality stuff of God.


This theology of empty hands…

…, aimed at believers, is not getting along at all with the teaching of having THE victory of Christ in us, meaning to have the power and authority of Christ (God) in us at all time through the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

Actually those who teach or preach such a theology of empty hands are very upset about those who teach the opposite, which I am on the opposite side as for what they are concerned.




Then, what about…?

My question for those who belief in such theology is—does it support the New Covenant theology with the following 3 questions:

1. What about the Holy Spirit? Does he live inside of us with empty hands or does He release His

    power and authority in us?


2. What about the Word of God and where is it in the New Covenant scriptures that we as New

    Covenant believers are with empty hands?


3. What about Christ and the fullness (achievement, done deal) of the cross?

    Is it only about sin or are there other beneficial gifts for those who accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior?


Let’s define or unlock each of those questions!

Unlocking question #1

“What about the Holy Spirit?”

I know too well, that some you would love to tell me “Yeah mister know it all, you forget the issue about the Holy Spirit leaving us when we sin.” or “You are not much of a theologian because when we sin, we are not in the will of God anymore. So the Holy Spirit leaves us until we repent! How can you miss that”.

Well, I did not miss anything because I will come to this point, being exactly the second hinderance, the second false teaching which I want to engage.

So keep cool, because it is coming up next.


Now, with the consideration that the Holy Spirit stays in us, do you really think that when He comes in us, the Holy Spirit is without power and authority, that He has empty hands as well?

To think or to believe so is to be insane and not really knowing the Holy Spirit is.

This kind of idea or belief about the Holy Spirit can only come from a religious mind, tradition or ignorance.

The Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit and not an empty hand Holy Spirit.

His is all power and all authority, which means, that the moment you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit came to live in you with all His power and authority.


The Holy Spirit does not leave heaven

without His power and authority!


The Holy Spirit does not settle in you

without His power and authority!


As for believing the Holy Spirit comes in you with His power and authority but His door is shut until He sees fit to open it,  releasing the power and authority of Christ in you is a big concern for me.

Why? Because we cannot really know what we must do to be qualified or how many points we need to open the door or how much begging we must profess for the Holy Spirit to finally open the door.

Also, we don`t really know how many sins will upset the Holy Spirit who then will retrieve all power and authority from you until you found out, what you done wrong and beg a long time for the Holy Spirit to reopen the door.

How can you work like that as ambassador for Christ on earth?

Frankly, if this would be true, then the Holy Spirit had no chance to open His door in neither of us because we usually sin or mess up every day as our soul and body is concerned*.

Yeah, of course this is not applicable for the big dudes like those who are apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers.

But according to your logic these big dudes also sin once in a while and then the door must be closed for them too.

If you like it or not, according to the New Covenant we are all with power and authority which means the Holy Spirit has no door but just a big wall—your traditional belief is the door that will close it for you.


The closed door is not the Holy Spirit

but your belief!  


* To understand what is really going on in you and where the Holy Spirit lives inside of you

   in a safe zone, then you need a solid teaching about  “spirit, soul and body” from the scripture.

   Which I will release this year somewhen because this is a very basic teaching and foundation

   you need to have in your life as Christian.


Unlocking question #2

“What about the Word of God and where it is written

  that New Covenant believers are with empty hand?”

Is the Bible the Word of God for you or just a good book with stories and advises?

Is the Bible worthy of trust or is your definition or opinion about the Bible more worthy than anything else?

If the Bible is the very Word of God, then does it settle the matter or you feel to debate the Word of God because you feel that God cannot mean that but something else?

Why am I asking such questions?

Because if the Bible is correct then in the Old Covenant you had to beg God for mostly everything and you had to try (Big job) to stay in line with the Law of Moses which was God`s Law, being impossible to follow to the letter.

As for the Holy Spirit of God in the Old Covenant, He came upon man, not in, with the power and authority of God.

In the Old Covenant the Holy Spirit came upon, not in, priests, kings and prophets and left again after.

But one thing is for sure, the Holy Spirit came to accomplish a mission in the Old Covenant with power and authority, never to restrain when work had to be done, except if the receiver was not cooperating or in contradiction with the Law of Moses.

I hope this is clear to you as water.


Now, this is why by the grace God, He had to bring the New Covenant through the sacrificial death on the cross of His only begotten Son (and resurrection 3 days later) for multiple purposes and the benefit of a New Covenant is better promises that are yes and Amen and not ‘beg some more hope for the best’ (Hebrews 8:6; 2 Corinthians 1:20).

This New Covenant is a done deal since 2000 years with all the benefits attached to it, meaning we come from the victory of Christ at the cross and I really must add also the resurrection of Christ 3 days later, being the hit on Satan`s nose, the triumph we carry as a parade.

There are more benefits I could add but one of them is the Holy Spirit who comes to live in us permanently for a multiple tasks, expect if we commit the sin against the Holy Spirit, which would be too long to be explained here.

His task in us is fully connected to the Great Commission of Christ and there is no time to loose and no game to play as far as the Holy Spirit is concerned and the theology of empty hands is one of the games the church loves to play.   

Now with all this said, here`s my big question for you “Considering that the Bible is for you worthy of trust and that we live in the New Covenant with better promises that are yes and Amen,  then where is the theology of empty hands in the New Covenant Scripture (letters)?”.

Well, I challenge or double dare you to search for an answer in the New Covenant if the Bible is more worthy than your personal opinion and philosophies (view of seeing things).


Try to find it in the New Covenant

and I can guaranty, it is not there



False or hindering teaching # 2

“Out of the will of God theology!”

Now, here’s the second extreme theology, which is a bit similar to the “Empty hand theology” that if you miss God or if you are not in faith, then God will not work with you and will withdraw from you, meaning you will not be in the will of God anymore, the “Out of the will of God Theology”.


With this theology we have 2 kinds of sub theologies:

1. If you are out of the will of God then He leaves you and you are not saved anymore.

    It is clear, if you not saved then you are without the Holy Spirit, without power and the

    authority of the name of Christ.


2. If you are out of the will of God then you are still saved but the Holy Spirit leaves you

    with all the benefits, meaning, you have nothing left then to be saved.


This theology is in connection with another false theology, the being born again and again theology, which basically means that you repent for the purpose of recommitting yourself to God and God is supposed to come back inside of you.

But watch out, if you miss it again or sin, then next Sunday you have to recommit yourself again and so on.

This teaching, this theology is really hindering that we come from the victory of Christ and do what we are supposed to do because this is Satan lie to keep you from what is truth in you and make you of none effect as the Great Commission is concerned.

If Satan wants to keep you low profile then this theology is one of his tactics and it works well in many churches.

If Satan can keep the focus on yourself in defeatism and recommitting yourself all the time, then the victory of Christ is of none effect and the Holy Spirit cannot achieve anything.


If I would be Satan, this would be one of my favorite tactics

because I love to play with you! 


Look, we are all the time in the will of God, do you know why?

Because we are in the dispensation of grace which is not renewed each day, but a present time done deal, because of the achievement, the victory of the cross.

Satan doesn’t want you to know that, but the Word of God does.

So look in the Bible instead of looking at what man think or teach which is too often out of the will of God! 



In conclusion!

The Word of God was written and is shouting to you, the believer who are settled in the New Covenant with better promises which are yes and amen.

We live since 2000 years in the will of God, the victory of Christ and the full benefits of the Holy Spirit in us.

We are here on earth not looking for a victory because we come from THE victory of the cross, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Through the cross, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God already provided all that we need for a victorious life and not for a defeated one.

God will not abandon us or leave us empty handed, because we missed Him or behaved as a bad boy and bad girl.

His grace is always present, permanently in us until we kick, fully aware, the Holy Spirit out of us.

Of course we have to repent of our sins or our mistakes but this is done with a big thank you for the victory of the cross. Confess you were wrong and go on with your Christian walk, with the cross in your hand.

God needs you because we are his ambassadors on earth and there is great work to do until Jesus Christ comes back as the Lion of Judah, which will translate us into the Millennial reign of Christ on earth, but the catch is this - we are not there yet, so stop to think defeated and start to think about your victory in Christ Jesus, Amen.


“But you, O man of God, flee these things and

pursue righteousness, godliness, faith,

love, patience, gentleness.

Fight the good fight of faith!”

1 Timothy 6:11-12



Denis Lavoie



End of part 3


No Copyright!
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Next Time

in Treasures for the Soul!

I wrote that we are already in the Victory of Christ

and the next teaching is a little bit a follow up 

being entitled"Retreat or be build up to stand!".    

We are coming from the Victory of Christ at the Cross

but we are in need of training to stand upon this fact!




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