The Bible, irrelevant, old and ineffective in today's culture?

February 22, 2018


Answer: Rob Bell  (Emergent pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church)


However you want to put it or defend Rob Bell this is definitely an attack against the Word of God.
For Rob Bell and those like minded
(Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt and so on) to state something like that about  the Bible (The Word  of God) is to have a real problem with God and His written Word.

Of course for some of you this is not such a big deal because Rob Bell is a pastor, a Christian believing in Jesus, or you could have in mind that Rob Bell does not really mean it like this.

Well, let’s see about that, if you will! 



About the quote of Rob Bell and 2 more which will shock you. 


“The church will continue to be even more irrelevant

when it quotes letters (the Bible) from two thousand years ago as their best defense”


Here, Rob Bell believes that the Bible “letters from two thousand years ago” is in some way the Word of God but irrelevant for a post modern church (culture) and it has no punch to it if Christians use the Bible as their best defense, which means in his opinion - those who believe in the Word of God from cover to cover (Genesis to Revelation) and use it in specific moments as an apologetic or as an ambassador for Christ are stupid (not smart), old fashioned people who know nothing except their religious mantra from the Bible.

Rob Bell also attacks God personally because he says that the Word of God cannot defend itself but needs people like him to help God being more relevant in our post modern culture (church).

What Rob Bell really wants to tells Christians is this—we have to wake up, emerge out of the Bible and embrace other Godly sources (religious and spiritual books) which would a better defense for the church.


Here´s another beautiful quote from Rob Bell about those who believe the Bible to be the only authoritative Word of God or like he calls it “Scripture alone”.


“This is part of the problem with continually insisting

that one of the absolutes of the Christian faith must be

a belief that “Scripture alone” (what  Martin Luther declares the Bible to be) is our guide.

It sounds nice, but it is not true”


So, this is another attempt from Rob Bell, the pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church to minimize the Bible to the level of other religious books, meaning the Bible is not the only source of truth, not Scripture alone on this earth.

Rob Bell says, that to believe the Bible to be “Scripture alone” is a problem, it sounds nice but according to him it is NOT TRUE that the Bible is our only guide in life.


I could bring more beautiful quotes from pastor Bell about the Bible but here`s a last one which has to do with an automobile.


“The Bible is a product of human work, not divine fiat”   


Well, the Fiat industry and the Italian people should be up to arms about Rob Bell that a Fiat car is not divine.

Okay that was a joke! 

But “Not divine fiat”, what`s this?

Well, I had to research for myself this big word of Rob Bell.

By the way, no wonder people love him because most believers cannot really discern or understand the post modern language of Rob Bell which sounds logic and smart.

That fits exactly the following trend of today´s “Not to think, not to judge. Just relax, chill and enjoy” where many will be easily deceived by some genius but religious and humanist minds like Rob Bell who is surely not a true disciple of Christ.


Okay! The word “Fiat” means:

“A command or an act of will that creates something without

or as if without further effort.”


So to say that our friend Rob Bell believes that the Word of God (Bible) is not divinely created/inspired by God but the work, the product, the imagination of mankind about God.

This is a funny statement because if the Bible was not inspired by God, not the work of God but of human, then we are superior to God.

Why, because if for example you look at the fulfillment of prophecies in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, they are right on target (true, came to past exactly as told/written in the Bible), which would mean that humans foresaw (predicted with a genius insight) the future without God’s help because the Bible is not a divine fiat but the work of human*.

I hope you got the picture here about Rob Bell and those who are like minded, they are indirectly deceiving believers and nonbelievers.


* Also to declare the Bible not to be Word of God (not inspired, not a divine fiat) but the works of human

   is to literally denying that God did not divinely created this universe but a product of chance

   through a long period of time being called—Evolution.



Why does this guy Rob Bell and those who think like him, believe that the Bible is an old fashioned book and not a authoritative divine fiat of God and scripture alone?

And why are so many believers falling for this genius crap where nonbelievers will join the club sooner or later.

Well, talk about right on fulfilling prophecy which Paul wrote (through the Holy Spirit, the inspiration of God) to a young evangelist and pastor, Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:2-4.


“Preach the word (The Bible)!

Be ready in season and out of season.

Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine,

but according to their own desires,
because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers;

and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”

2 Timothy 4:2-4


Is this a prophecy fulfillment or what?

This is God at His best in Scripture, Mister Bell!


Denis Lavoie




* Also to declare the Bible not to be Word of God (not inspired, not a divine fiat) but the works of human

  is to literally denying that God did not divinely created this universe but a product of chance

  through a long period of time being called—Evolution.




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