P1 - Why do we have so much problems understanding what the Bible really means?


To think Jewish?

I am 100% sure that some of you are concerned or think that
I am one of those messianic believers* who want to bring back the law and Jewish traditions into the body of Christ, the church of God.

Well, if you would know me a little bit better or if you are a messianic believer, then you would think or assume that I am the opposite - anti Jew, Old Covenant and pro Palestinians as for the land of Israel is concerned because:


. I don’t like when New Covenant believers are trying to live biblically as Old Covenant people.


. I really have a problem when gentile believers want to become New Covenant Jews and practice very

  hard for the purpose of integrating themselves into the Jewish culture because for them to be Jewish

  as believer in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua/Jesus is good but to stay gentile is not good.


. Also, I am  really concerned or on my tiptoes (on alert) when ministers of the New Covenant are mixing

  the Old Covenant with the New Covenant when it is clear in the Bible from our Lord Jesus/Yeshua and

  in the New Covenant letters that this a “No can do!”.


* A Messianic believer is not to be confused with a Messianic Jew. Messianic Jews are Jews who find

   and accept the Messiah Jesus/Yeshua into their life, Messianic believers are gentiles who believe

   in Jesus but do everything to become Jews. Actually they are so much in the Jewish culture that

   everything they do is Jewish and the Bible for them is Jewish centered. Their language is Jewish

   centered like one Messianic believer we heard, said “How do you say this Jewish word in your

   gentile Bible?”. This kind of belief is a sad one. These are people who are not in their right mind,

   wanting to be Jews. And this is not the way to honor the Jewish people.   


Don’t take me wrong here!

I know that I shocked some of you who love the Jewish people, the Old Covenant and the land of Israel, and as for the others who are anti Jew, don`t care about the land of Israel and see any relation with the Jewish culture even if the Bible is mostly Jewish and Jesus being a Jew, well,  I can hear them shout “Amen brother!”.

One thing I want to enter in your brain is this - I am not against the Jewish people (love them very much), against the Old Covenant (Tenach*) and the land of Israel (Look at my topic about “Israel, the epicenter of the earth” in our Jewish corner).

I am for all of which attaches us as gentiles to the Jewish culture, for the land of Israel is Jewish and the Bible is also mostly Jewish which why this topic “Thinking Jewish, thinking culture!"


Hey! I am for Israel, the Jews

and the entire Bible all the way!


What I am against is, to live according to the Old Covenant (Tenach*), mixing both Covenants, Old and new when we are told from scripture, as New Covenant believers in Christ, to live according to the New Covenant which Yeshua/Jesus purchased for us all through His death, burial and resurrection.

Look, if we are Jews or gentiles, we are under a better Covenant with better promises (Hebrews 8:6) which means that God gave (established) the New Covenant (B’rit Hadashah*) with better promises because of His grace alone for mankind, His ultimate creation (John 3:16).


No Old Covenant, no New Covenant!

But we must live as New Covenant

and not a old or a mix of both!


As for becoming Jews, well, this is basically to become a Jew and not to about becoming a New Covenant believer.


We are rooted to the Jewish faith

but we are not Jews as gentiles!


* You understand Old or New Covenant but you are not sure about those 2 words “Tenach”

  and “B’rit Hadashah”. They are Hebrew words for Old Covanent = Tenach and

  New Covenant =  B’rit Hadashah. Do you wish to know more about it because they are

  much more than simple words. If you are interested then I have a teaching in the Jewish

  Corner being entitled " -----" that will help you understand the amazing meaning of these words and much more. 



The questions is, on which side of the cross are you walking with Christ?

Think about this for a minute! You cannot be on both sides at the same time.

And no, I am not trying to bring you or the body of Christ under the law or in the Jewish traditions with this topic and our ministry - Mission Yaniv.

Now that I am clear on the matter then let`s get on the topic!



Transforming the Word of God for our culture!

Most churches and believers transformed the Bible (Word of God) and especially Jesus to fit the culture, generational values and religious beliefs. This is a recipe for disaster, deception, confusion, false theologies and Anti-Semitism.


Jesus portrayed in another way than being a Jew!

Jesus becomes a black Africans to support black people, Jesus is Palestinian to the Palestinians and not Jew, the new age people see Jesus as a Hindu guru, the south Americans transform Jesus into a mystic, the American Jesus has become this super hero or cowboy and in other countries like Canada and England, Jesus is a white man who speaks English perfectly.

In the movies, Jesus is portrayed as a white, English person with an English accent or a Hollywood actor.

Well, I am deeply concerned that these cultural images of Jesus make people do what ever they want with the Bible and especially to dismiss (or cause anti-Semitism) the real portray of Jesus who was a middle east man in the land of Israel and not Palestine (no where in the Bible Palestine, as land, is mention).


The Bible is adapted to culture!

I know for a fact that the Bible is indirectly Americanised in USA, adapted to the cultural and religious belief of the world. More and more the Bible is not seen, not understood and formed around the Jewish culture and about the history of the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation.

One thing is for sure we always forget or want to ignore the Jewish factor of the Bible, which plays a major role in God`s Word.


Oh, I am sorry!

I forgot to mention that, yes, many will use the Jews or Israel to point at their mistakes or sins as a nation in the Bible but all the blessings in the Word of God are for us, the church being a replacement theology mind set.


Believers complaints about the Bible!

Because of these changes and adaptations many believers don`t understand the Bible, make mistakes as they read (big or small), have lots of complaints or ideas about the Bible:


. “The Bible is an ancient book being the reason why we cannot really understand it”


. “I tried to do exactly what the Bible tells me to do but it does not work. Then I must come to the conclusion

   that the Bible is not for today`s culture and that we have to reinvent Christianity for a post modern church

   like today!”


. “The Bible is irrelevant, full of errors, always telling you how bad you are and if you do not repent then you

   are curse and go to hell. For me the Bible is too negative, lawful and contains religious jargon and not to

   forget - very Jewish!”


. “It is a good book written by man but it has its limit. And by the way, if God would have written it then He

    would not have made it so complicated which I believe in Jesus who is not complicated when He talks about

    love and God. So, I prefer to stick to Jesus, the real Word of God!”


 . Or simply this wonderful quote I heard lots of times “I cannot understand the Bible at all. I read it cover

   to cover and get not much of it!!!” 


Doing nothing to stop defections or frustrations!

More than ever, in this Christian culture of today we build in our churches or groups, people who are going away, defecting from God`s Word and it’s truth because they do not understand the Bible.

The sad thing in our churches and groups is this - we are doing nothing to help the believers to understand the Bible from cover to cover and let the Word of God bear much fruit in the life of believers.

It would be fruitful to have a simply course like the course I produced on “How to study the Bible without turning nut” and I should add here “...and without being frustrated all time about the Bible”.

What is happening today or since a while if you look deeper in the past, is one of those big signs about the end time.

The church has become used to compromise the Bible, to associate other religious books with the Bible and to dismiss the truth for their sake and philosophies.


This is today`s

Christian culture!



In conclusion of Part 1

In this teaching about “Thinking Jewish will help you understand the Bible” will really help you to comprehend what God wants us to know in writing, the Bible.

It will help some of you a little bit more when you study your Bible, especially the Gospels which are very Jewish centered. For others, it will unblock or wash away some of your frustration about the Bible, if you apply this simple remedy to your problem.

If you pay attention to this teaching or this little course, which I will have to add in the course I produced on Power Point about “How to study the Bible without turning nut” (not yet in the blog Mission Yaniv) then, I can guaranty you, you will understand this big majestic book, we call the Holy Bible, the Holy Word of God in writing.  


Denis Lavoie


No Copyright!
For a neat copy then go to "Downloads"
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or a print out. 


Next in

Treasures for the soul

In Part 2 of "Thinking Jewish will help you understand the Bible!"  you will need proof and especially proof that this is not a trap to convert you to Judaism even if we love

the Jews and Israel very much, which we do!

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