To study the Bible is it irrelevant or not today?


The time is today, why?

If there is any time that the right interpretation of the word of God is needed, it is now.

The major causes of the clashes and war of words in the Christendom today is as a result of improper interpretation of scriptures by different sects of people in the church.

Unless we start interpreting the Bible correctly, these misdemeanors will continue.


If there is any time that the right

interpretation of the word of God is needed,

it is now.




Jesus said that we should search the scriptures.

In John 5:39, Jesus made it clear that it is in diligent search of the scriptures that we can find out about Him.

The scriptures testify about Jesus.

It’s a thing to know about Jesus, and it’s another thing to know Jesus Himself.

For instance, I probably know a lot about Bill Gates, but I don’t know the man.

However, when I get to meet Bill Gates, my knowledge about him will help my relationship with him.

Most Christians who are genuine in their love for the Lord don’t know the Lord for themselves, they only hear what others said about Him.

It is important that if we want to grow in our relationship with the Lord, we have to search out the scriptures by ourselves.

It must be a personal effort.


Our personal effort

is the search the scripture

to know Jesus.




I love the fact that during the first captivity of Israel, Daniel’s prayer was based upon the fact that he understood the prophecy by the reading of the scriptures.

In the 9th chapter of the book of Daniel, he understood how and when to pray by the reading of books.

This is an important lesson for us today as believers.

We will not be able to appropriate what God said about/to us unless we understand what the bible says about each circumstance or condition we find ourselves.

If we study the scriptures for ourselves, it helps us to pray right.


If we study the scriptures for ourselves,

it helps us to pray right.




I believe that we are spiritual to the degree to which we allow the word of God in our lives.

Jesus said those who will worship God will worship Him in spirit and in truth, and He also said God’s word is the truth.

Our lives will not be in accordance with the will of God if we will not take time to find out how to live our lives in the word of God.

Apostle Paul while writing to the young Bishop Timothy, told him to study to show himself approved (2 Tim. 2:15).

How we show ourselves approved to God and to men is by living according to the standard of the word of God.


Spiritual understanding, effectiveness

and to be approved unto God

start first through the Word of God.




believers who can’t study the Word of God for themselves will have trouble finding out what is the purpose of God for their lives.

In Hebrews 10:7, Jesus said I have come as it is WRITTEN of me in the volume of the books.

He knew exactly what was written of Him, not only in one book but books.

He was able to decipher the will of God for Himself by studying the scriptures for himself even though He is the son of God.


You want to know about yourself

Study the Word of God.



In conclusion!

Permit me to ask a few questions:

. Do you know Jesus for yourself?

. Or you always hear about Him from someone else?

. How have you been praying?

. How much of results do you have from your praying?

. How much of your life is governed by the word of God?

. Do you really understand what the Bible is saying about you?

. Have you found the true purpose and meaning for your life?

If your answer to any of these questions is in negation, I beseech you to spend more time with the Bible and interpret scriptures with scriptures.


God bless you.

Sunday Oluwatobi



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