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Christian fiction books!

I love the end times drama book stories like The Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins or Blood Moon by All Lindsay or the series by Joel Rosenberg where those authors are mixing Biblical truth with fictions without compromising the Bible.

I must admit that I even like war drama books which most of them are fictions with some truth in it.

So to say that I like fictions mix with truth.



One of my future book!

Actually I am in the process of writing a big book or maybe a series because of the too much in content where I will mix fiction, Biblical truth and Biblical apologetics about the last days of the end time which will lead to the concluding chapter of the second coming of Christ and His millennium.

This book will be about a race for finding a video and notes of 2 scientists who became believers, one Jew (liberal) and one gentile (atheist), which through a tragic incident will travel through time in the past, two weeks before the crucifixion our Lord Jesus in Jerusalem where they will make a video and take notes to send in the future.

And at the same time it will be a mad race for the antichrist who will want to find at all cost the video and those notes for the purpose of destroyed them because they would be devastating blow to him and his regime in the tribulation which would trigger an attack toward Jerusalem where he proclaimed to be God.

This book will be fiction but highly apologetic and theological in context with lots of interaction between people, in the past and in the present time.

It will be an extreme suspense, full of actions and teachings being done from the characters of the book where you will have no time to breath.

I don`t have the title for the book yet but all the characters are in place, the general ideas (bleu print) is print in my head and on paper where I already started to write some very intriguing chapters. 


I am for good and truthful

Biblical fictions books,




I am for good and truthful Biblical fiction books, but...! 

As you can clearly see, I am not against fictional Christian books leading none believers to the real Christ of the Bible and leading believers to the real truth of the Bible.

But if my fiction book, for example, becomes a worship matter where the Bible is drop to second place in the life of Christians or if it is preached and praised in lots of churches (also on Facebook and on TV) or if it lead unbelievers to a universal (Universalism or some form of it) where Jesus not anymore the only way but the best way to heaven then something is very, very wrong with my book because this tells people that God was not enough clear in own Word (The Bible), the Bible was written by man with some mislead inspiration which confused many for centuries but now my book have cleared the matter about who God is and his gospel being praise all over the world.


Books only leads us to the Bible

and not away from it!


I want to stress here, that any kind of books we write as Christians, fiction or not, must lead to the God of the Bible and His Word of truth, the Bible.

Other then this, then we must stop writing books that mislead people and expose any deceiving books give a fair chance to the masses that are being deceived.

Let me put it another way and please read the following with great care (read and think).

Some books are Satan tools where Christian authors are not aware they work for Satan, meaning they are deceived themselves not knowing they deceive the masses.

Many of these Christian authors are meaning well and they are sincere but for some reasons/facts they are sincerely wrong according to the Word of God.

If Satan can get his hand on a meaning well Christian with a sincere heart who has a potential genius mind for the purposes of stealing the biblical truth in believers heart (and stealing time to study the truth in the Bible with  a “Too busy syndrome” mentality), slowly killing the interest and faith in the Holy Scripture and then destroying they relationship with the real Jesus of the Bible and the Word of God, then Satan will be more then happy to welcome and promote those guys being already in motion since a while. 

Remark that I did not say that Satan will destroy your relationship with Jesus but to the real Jesus of the Bible because Paul wrote in Galatians 1  that we should not be fooled by another Gospel.

If read this passage of the Bible correctly, it means that their will be some other Gospels which are not the real Gospel “Good News”.

There are actually a lot of other gospels, false good news (Gospel) today seducing many people and Christians alike which Paul warned us in the first place in Galatians 1  and accursed 2 times any false gospel in the same chapter.

This was serious issues for Paul and to warn believers about those some falsified gospels and it should be the same for us, especially today.

Paul wrote this in Galatians 1  for the purpose of shaking believers out of those false gospels where for us today it becomes a very helpful warning to watch out for those false gospels.

But still, more and more believers today wants to ignore any kind of warnings in the Bible because it´s too negative or to far fetch and old fashion, preferring another refreshing and cool gospel like for example in a fictional book that explain everything about God and what He done in a new way, which brings me to the book of "The Shack", the gospel of Paul Young.



Did I press a red button here?



Calm down now, let us reason here! 

Look, it can be that you feel anxiety right now or that you are angry after me which your emotion says “Stop right here and  don´t read any further because this guy is one on those bashing fundamentalist”.
Of course, it is clear to you that what is coming up in this teaching will be a clear attack against "The Shack" and Paul Young.

It is clear to me that you see the book "The Shack" and especially the movie "The Shack" as only a good and inspiring fictional story where there are no hidden dangers where you are fond about "The Shack".

And what you don`t want people like me to do is to cast down your love for "The Shack".

Okay! I got the point and I saw the Movie yesterday on Prime.

Look, if I would not know who God is from the Word of God (Bible), if I would be confuse about a few important doctrines in the Bible, if I have only a 30 minutes preaching at church each Sundays without any strong knowledge about how to study my Bible in the week or if I have a constant liberal Christian heart even if I went to Bible School for 3 years and if I have no fair knowledge about who Paul Young is and what he really believe, then I would have fall in love with the movie "The Shack"  100%.   


Do you know who is Paul Young?


My big concern here is this—do you know who Paul Young is and what he really believe because "The Shack" is about Paul Young struggles and what he believes now.

Even if it is a fiction, Paul Young beliefs is in his book the Shack which he will tell you from his own words which I will expose later in this topic.

There is a saying that I like “Bitter a fool that he know that he is a fool then a fool that does not know that he is a fool” or a fool who does not know that he is being deceive which my challenge to you is to check and double check if are not being deceive with "The Shack".


“But it is just fiction, don`t you get it Denis?”

Well, let Paul Young tell you what kind of book "The Shack" is and what kind of impact it have all over the world it have being what I will concentrate about on this side of the topic where on the other side my wife will analyze a few things about the content of the book of Paul Young, "The Shack".


Be assured!

Be assured of that, I did not put any thing which I am not sure or heard about without any backups (Facts/truths/evidences) ! Everything is well researched without any intention of bashing Paul Young because of some speculations people say without any concrete proof, meaning the bla, bla, bla syndrome without good proofs and clear evidences.

I know that some believers and ministers are involving themselves in unproved facts and evidences which is bad where the fury goes ballistic on Facebook for example.

For me and my wife, facts and evidences must be part of our investigation before we plunge ourselves exposing false doctrines, deceiving gospels and treats against God`s Word.

Plus we will not investigate anything without a good foundation in the Word of God which my wife have since 35 years of studies and me since 23 years with a 3 years Bible School foundation in USA.

My intend is to expose the truth about Paul Young and you can do what ever you want with it.

But please, calm down, relax, take a deep breath and read for a gentle bumpy road in this topic.

By the way, I will try very hard not to sound too “bashing” which of course depend on how you want to perceive me.

One last thing, if you want to call me a fundamentalist or a Bible freak, it is fine with me because I am standing like a lighthouse on the Rock of my Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God, the Bible.


Yes I am a fond-amentalist

of the Word of God, the Bible


2 personal experiences

supposedly being the bashing guy!

Aloud me to give you two examples I experienced with believers in Christ I knew where I was supposedly the bad dude bashing guy seeing everything negative about "The Shack" !

I could give you a few more stories but I will stick to those two about who in reality is bashing who?



I worked in a house for severe handicap people and I woman worked with me being Pentecostal Christian was very angry with me.

Why? Because as we worked together in the kitchen she mention with great excitement the book "The Shack" proudly telling me that she read it twice because it was such a good book.
It was clear that she wanted to promote "The Shack" to me with the expectation that I would be curious to know more about it if I did not read the book or that I would agree with her if I read it or not.

She knew that I was very Biblical centered and that I graduated for Bible School in USA which she respected me for that but when I simply responded to her with great care “Well, I have some concerns about - The Shack!”  then hell broke out.

Oh boy, did she become defensive telling me how a fundamentalist I was.

She also hammered on me that this book is only a fictional Christian drama but she added the following  twice “The Shack  change my perspective about God”.

Okay! A fictional drama of a suppose Christian author which she claim to be only fiction change her perspective about God!?! Now, my question for you -who was bashing who now in that context?



A few weeks after this memorable hammering moment I got together with a friend who was a pastor to talk about the phenomena of "The Shack" and guest what, he was not to happy about me having some problems about this book.

He was more calm then the woman at the house for handicap but he pushed hard that it was only fiction and he saw nothing wrong with it at all then given me an exposé about J.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and John Bunyan who wrote fictions too, making all this to be the same thing “Christian`s fiction”, meaning “What is my problem here!”.

Wow, a friend, a pastor who I trusted tells me that I am totally wrong about my perceptive of "The Shack" and that I should cool down/stay quit about all this.

Of course this time I did not stay silent with him like I did with the woman after she hammered me that I was a bad guy for bashing "The Shack" in only one sentence “Well, I have some concerns about - The Shack!”.
Everything that I was concerned about "The Shack" in my discussion with my friend and pastor, he didn`t take me for serious at all always thinking that I am going too far with all this.

The big problem about this hard core discussion is that he never read the book but find it perfectly okay.

Wow! Not having read "The Shack" and being so defensive about it, that`s weird or somebody is blinding the heart of my friend and playing with his emotional cords in the brain.


I want to believe that you are not like this

and that you are not letting Satan play in your brain!



The effect of - The Shack!

Again I want to put emphases that I will give you an over about Paul Young and especially about the impact of his book "The Shack" and my wife will deal with some of content of the book "The Shack".


The Shack - on the market!

. "The Shack" is on the top 40 of the bestseller of all time.

. Published in 2007 from a garage, "The Shack" reached the grand total in June 8 2008 of 1 Millions copies sold.

. From 2008 until today about 20 millions books were sold all over the world.


Frankly, I don`t care how much money Paul Young made with his book because this was never in his mind when he wrote the book “To make money”.

What I want you to realize/see is how big of an impact it is on the market and how many people bought and still buying "The  Shack" all over the world.

This means that it is influencing masses of people in their life which no fiction cannot do in a book were many are super defensive about "The Shack" if attack with their statement “It is only fiction”


Interviewed and high praised on national medias and churches!

Because of the phenomena of "The Shack" Paul Young was:

. On countless Radio Stations in Canada, USA and England!

  I even was stun to hear "The Shack" being promoted on a big secular radio station here in Germany where

  I live since a long time with my wife and 4 daughters. 


. On The Tonight Show by Jay Leno.

. On 100 Huntly Street Canada.

. On the New York Times as bestseller.

. Invited in many churches in USA, Canada and England (Probably somewhere else in the World).

. Interviewed and highly praised Oprah on her program OWN On Demand.


And this is suppose to be only a fiction book.

Give me a break!

Okay, Okay this was not nice and I will try to be nicer here but please realize that no fictional book add such an impact with the medias and churches.  


Impact on life!

. Too many times you heard “It change my life” or “It is life changing” or “Now I understand better who God is”

   on Facebook, at church, cell groups, on radio and TV.


. Before "The Shack", you heard in church and group prayers meetings this “God” or “Lord Jesus” or just

   simply “Lord” and in some occasion “Father” but now you here a lot about “Papa” in prayer and

   even now where this phenomena is growing fast “Our Papa in heaven…” .


. Since the book release of "The Shack" I also hear that God can be who ever you want Him to be - female or

   male or a dad or a mom or even something else “Who ever you which Him to be” then what God really is

   in the Bible with all due respect being too religious and too conservative.


Again,"The Shack" is suppose to be only fiction!

Man, am I missing something here and I am saying this in love?

The strange thing about "The Shack" is that it came at the right moment in time because our generation are all for big changes where the name of God as “Papa” sounds much better, cooler, more friendly and inviting to connect with.

This is a time where churches today that God can be who you want to be because of the interfaith connections all over the world this big thing since while, the gender issue.

Now, I want to clear that I am not saying that only "The Shack" is directly responsible but it strangely help to influence people minds. 


To be so blind about "The Shack"!

. The famous Nicky Gumble of the Alpha Course and Anglican priest in England said about the book

   "The Shack” - “It is extraordinary”.

   You could see that Nicky Gumble was profoundly touch by "The Shack" in its interviewed with Paul

   Young on July 2014 at the HTB London.

   My problem is that Nicky Gumble before becoming a Christian was a “Barrister” (Like a lawyer) and

   he examined (read) all kind of religious books finding that only the Bible is make sense from

   cover to cover and then converting to Christianity.

   But this man who knew how to read and examine (investigate) books could not see any theological errors

   or heresy in "The Shack" or about Paul Young.

   It was like he was under an emotional and humanistic spell.


. 2 Bible School graduated told me that they loved the movie “The Shack” very much and saw nothing bad

   or wrong about it where again the phrase but now with a twist “It is just a movie” meaning “It is just

   And guest what, they liked the movie but never read the book and the had no clue who Paul Young was. 

   Man, 3 years in a good Bible School knowing fairly well who to study the Bible and have a good amount

   of knowledge the content of the Word of God could not see nothing wrong about the movie The Shack

   when it is full of red flags in it.

   What is going on here in their minds?


One thing  about "The Shack", it was genially written to catch people`s mind emotionally from chapter 1 to 6.

Paul Young made it so tragic that like Spock would say in Star Trek “I am emotionally compromise”, and them everything goes - you are blind to the biblical truth and open (directly or indirectly) to the theology of Paul Young which of course “It is  just fiction”.


This is what the book and the movie does

it prepare you from the start

to the theology of Paul Young

being wrapped in a story!


The movie “The Shack”!

The big ministry of Hillsong United said about the Movie “The Shack” 


The most profound description of who God is, how he works and what faith and life is about, ever put into a film.

Deeply moving and inspiring.


This is found on the back cover of the movie "The Shack".

Wow, according the Hillsong United (and many peoples) the movie is explaining everything about God and it looks like the Bible cannot and failed to do that.

Remark what Hillsong United, a well known ministry all over the world, did not say “It is a powerful story” but said “Deeply  moving and inspiring” because it is the most profound description of who God is, how He works and what faith and live all about.

Okay, but I thought it was only fiction which by the way the Bible is not a fiction but the truth about God revealed to mankind.


Here some outlines about what people said about movie from

. Divinely crafted!

. The best spiritual movie I've ever seen.

. Profound story of redemption and reconciliation in a very unorthodox way.

. Has helped me understand God in a different perspective.

. Must see if you want answers!

. True to the book. Amazing movie!


Was there any negative critics?

Yes of course! Actually there was more bad critics then good ones IMDb but here one from the Rotten Tomatoes ( 


The Shack's undeniably worthy message is ill-served by a script that confuses spiritual uplift with melodramatic clichés

and heavy-handed sermonizing.


Does these sound that it is

just a good movie or just good fiction?


One big fact you don`t see on and in the book “The Shack”!

Everybody who read the book shouting “It is only fiction” they forgot to read or remember what they read about the endorsements on and in the book “The Shack” which I will give you 3 of them out of 20:      

. "The Shack" will change the way you think about God forever

   (Kathie Lee Goffird, Co-host NBC´s Today Show)


. This story reads like a prayer—like the best kind of prayer, filled with sweat and wonder and

   transparency and surprise. If you read one work of fiction this year, let this be it.

   (Mike Morrel,


. Wrapped in creative brilliance, "The Shack" is spiritually profound, theological enlightening and

   life impacting. It has my highest recommendation. We are joyfully giving copies away by the cases.

   (Steve Berger, pastor at grace Chapel Leiper Fork)


No commentary from me because there it is in black and white—on and in the book, "The Shack" !


Still not convince, then let Paul Young tell about "The Shack"

being only fiction or...!

Bellow the emphases in brackets are added by me.

. In the interview on 100 Huntley Street, Paul Young says that "The Shack" is not one on one systematic

   theology but it is highly theological.


. In the book “The Shack Revisited” by C. Baxter Kruger, PH.D., Paul Young state “The Shack was never

   intended to be a systematic theology or another book of pragmatic proof texts useful for badgering
   unwitting unbelievers into religious submission. It is fiction and it is story” 
and he state further on the

   same page  “Please don`t misunderstanding me; The Shack is theology. But it is theology wrapped in a
   story, the Word
(Papa) becoming flesh living inside the blood and bones of common human experience

   (real in the mind, the mind being the shack).  


. Paul Young admit that the character of Mack is about him, meaning what Mack think or say in the book

   is actually what Paul Young think and want to tell you about him being his struggles and what he
   beliefs through the book, The Shack.


. Paul Young explained that the place being the shack (an unfinished, messy, rough built hut) where God

   (Papa) met Mack is where God met Paul Young being his mind (soul). The shack, being the mind (soul),

   is where all the pains, the struggles and losses are pack in there (the shack) together which he had to
   revisit with God to get healed emotionally, meaning that we all have a shack, a mess in our mind

   and we all need a shack experience.


If there would be no mention about God (spiritual) then the book would be highly psychological wrapped in a story but surely not just fiction.

Never the less Paul Young stated on national TV, where there are no doubts about it and no speculation, that "The Shack" is highly theological and the his theology is wrapped in the story of "The Shack".


If you still think for once second

that The Shack is just fiction

then I rest my case



Who is Paul Young

and what´s his story?

I will try to wrap this up in a nutshell because it is a long story about Paul Young.

Of the story of Paul Young is tragic, no doubt about it which build up who Paul Young is and why he wrote "The Shack".


The Shack is the result

of who Paul Young is!


When people read The Shack, they never think about who is Paul Young or when they receive "The Shack" as a gift they never say or think “Oh, I must know who Paul Young is?”.

Must people do not even go through the foreword but get right to the story being of course is a reflex which reflect our impatience mind “Get on with the story and I do need the comments” .

If you read a book you need and especially a book like "The Shack" to know who is the author of the book, at least what this person believe.

Not to do this is risky business or should I say insane/foolishness.


What is the story of Paul Young in nutshell!


For warning!!!

Please for those of you who are religiously angry at Paul Young wanting to see everything evil about him which

I understand the feeling, I will have to be compassionately angry where I find the true story of

Paul Young very sad and tragic, meaning I feel sorry for him “the compassion part”

where it lead him to be who he his, an heretical writer “the angry part”.

Here, I will be very sensitive about Paul Young story but this those not mean that I am sensitive of

Paul Young of "The Shack" which I think you should this by now.

I just wanted to elt you know before some of you make any conclusions.


Paul Young is a Canadian like me for the province of Alberta.

He is now 62 years old, married and have six children, also having eight grandchildren.       

In the first 10 years he lived with his parent in New Guinea among a tribe where his parent where missionary (Evangelical  Pentecostal).

There he was rape, sexually abused by the tribe.

This is very bad road because it usually goes in two different direction which are extreme “Becoming an extreme abuser” or “Became an extreme sensitive person” which Paul Young a very sensitive as for his Children are concerned and being the reason he wrote the book that they understand what was going on in his shack, his mind.

This is not the only thing Paul Young had to go trough in his life as young person because he was terrified by his father who was super strict and disciplinarian.

Do you want to know why the black woman who is papa in the story of "The Shack" and two woman as the Holy Spirit (Sarayu)  and Wisdom (Sophia) ?

Well, in is youth Paul Young had the support and a good relationship with a black woman.

And if I had a father like Paul Young where my mom was not hard to me and a black woman taking care of me then — it is clear that I would have problem with manhood and write a book about God caring for me like a mom and a black woman where I can choose who ever I want the Holy Spirit to be, a woman with that addiction of another woman (Sophia) and a cool Jesus as a bro.

All this triggered lots of concerns, doubts and questions about God, the Bible and the traditional church in the mind of Paul Young which lead to "The Shack" and other books he wrote after "The Shack"

Also, not to forget that Paul Young before "The Shack" was in Bible college which he was more confused and rebel against the traditional belief.

This is a sad story but it could have ended differently if handle correctly and carefully by church members, good ministers and of course with the joint help of God and His Word.


What does Paul Young beliefs?

Well, I will let my wife take care of this because the book "The Shack" will tell you what Paul Young really believes.

I just want to remind you that Mack is Paul Young confusions, frustrations and questions he had in his mind and Papa is his own answer to what he belief or what he want to belief. 


Giving you extra sources about what Paul Young really believe!

I want to give you some addresses on the internet being 3 reviews about those 2 new books of Paul Young - “Eve” and “Lies  we believe about God”.

Paul Young present us on a golden plate with these 2 books what he really believe and what he really meant in "The Shack".

It is up to you if you really want to understand what is going in the mind of Paul Young which the content and the title “Eve”  (and not “Adam” or Adam and Eve”) is no wonder why he took 3 women in his book "The Shack", and just the title of “Lies we  believe about God” should already intrigue you that Paul Young is willing to present to you what he really belief which reflect what "The Shack" is all about.


The source bellow are very reliable ones from ministers who are very qualified.

It is not taken from somebody who sit on the pew on Sunday with a religious look.

These sources are serious one and trustworthy.

. Source #1 is about “Eve” at:

. Source #2 is also about “Eve” at:

. Source #3 is about “Lies we believe about God” and I must show you how Matt Slick want you to read

  this. He has actually 2 articles: One is an overview of each chapter of the book that help you to follow his

  commentaries about the book in his second article.

  Matt Slick explain “Following is a list of quotes I extracted from Paul Young's book The Lies We

  Believe About God, (Atria Books, 2017).  I Use them in my book review. I present these quotes here so

  that others can more fully see, with documentation, what Paul Young teaches.  The underlines are my

  emphasis.” which are found at these address:

   - Quotes:

   - Review:



Two last things about the book "The Shack"!

Paul Young Collaborators

Paul Young wrote "The Shack" but he great help and advices when came to revise his book for over a period of 3 years.

His advisers are the 2 persons that Paul Young tells that they help him publish his book with founding because no publisher wanted to publish his book "The Shack".

These 2 persons are Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings both former pastors from Los Angeles and they are extreme Christians liberalist who help form the book "The Shack" in a more cunning way to get peoples heart from the start and filter their theology through the rest of the book.

This simply means that "The Shack" is Paul Young bleu print but refined to a bestseller by Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings which I call them “The Trinishack” meaning the trinity of The Shack.


Just a few things the belief and promote!

Both of them promote that going to church is stupid and worthless which Wayne Jacobsen hammer this point in his book “So  You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore: An Unexpected Journey”.

Also they celebrate homosexuality which they applauded those who are enough courageous to admit as Christian that they are gay or lesbian.

They belief in the mercy of God and not the sacrifice of the Cross as God slandering His Son while He is in heaven sitting on his throw like a Vulcan without any emotions which is not a sacrifice but some sort of a crime.

Actually they put it more bad then this which I don`t want to mention it here.

By the way, this is why in the book Papa is portrait as to been on the Cross with Jesus, meaning that Papa was literally on the Cross with His Son.      


Why the name Sarayu and Sophia?

Again Paul feels better with woman as to relate then man and in "The Shack" is it 3 woman and one man.

Meaning that woman are more heartful, wise, relate better, understand feelings better then man and women are good psychologist because of their emotional nature.

But why does Paul Young used the name Sarayu being a holy river in India and Sophia a Greek God of wisdom and not other names like Michelle, Tonia, Julie, Marie, Jackie being common name in North America.


. The name Sarayu is the feminine derivative of the Sanskrit root (The holy scripture of Hinduism) “to flow”.

   In the masculine it means “air wind” , “that which is streaming” .

   If you look in your Bible these are some of the terms used about the Holy Spirit which it is easy to finger

   out the Paul Young specifically this name in Hinduism relating it to Christianity want to make the
   connection of an interfaith religions and that Christ died for all on earth in the universal set of believe.

   What is very interesting is that in the Wikipedia under “Sarayu” being the river in India if you scroll

   down  “In fiction” you will read this—Sarayu is the name given to the personification of the Holy Spirit

   in "The Shack" created by American Novelist. 


. The name Sophia is a definite feminine name from the Greek mythology.

   There is too much about her, so I will give you brief outline which I think will be enough to make a point

   and the connection of Paul Young with the name Sophia.


   Sophia under Wikipedia:

     -  Sophia (σοφία, Greek for "wisdom") is a central idea in Hellenistic philosophy and religion, Platonism,

        Gnosticism and Christian theology.

        In Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity, Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) is an expression for the second

        person of the Holy Trinity.

     - In Gnosticism, Sophia is a feminine figure, analogous to the soul but also simultaneously one of the

        feminine aspects of the Godhead. Gnostics held that she was the syzygy of Jesus Christ

        (i.e. the Bride of Christ), and Holy Spirit of the Trinity.


  Sophia was definitely a chosen name by Paul Young because he mention her in an interview (Which I

  could recall where on youtube) about behind the wisdom as a person because “Sophia“ is the Greek word

  for “Wisdom” in the New Covenant Scriptures.

  I am perfectly confident that Paul Young knew about the Greek mythology where Sophia being a person in

  the Greek mythology helped Him to believe that Sophia is or could be a person, like the Holy Spirit, with

  the question—why would Paul Young personalize, use or presented Sophia/Wisdom as a female person

  in the book "The Shack" ?

  Is it because it is fiction or it is that he believes it if the book "The Shack" is fiction but highly theological

  according to Paul Young.



In Conclusion on my part!

The book "The Shack" is about a person who`s name is Mack being Paul Young in the book which means that the character`s name is yes “fiction” but what`s going on in the mind of Mack is Paul Young and what the trinity are in "The Shack" (Papa, Sarayu, Jesus plus Sophia) is the expressions of what Paul Young, Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings believes.


Now that you know the facts

It is for you to decide if fiction or not?


Part 1 purpose was to give you an overview the best seller book “The Shack”.

Therefore, next time in part 2 my wife Cordula will go in the book of “The Shack” showing the theology of Paul Young in his fictional story but according to Paul Young “highly theological”.

Just to let you know that my wife Cordula, she learned in a special school about how to find errors and correct them which lead her to understand how to interpreted stuff in books.

So, she is highly qualify to analyze such a book for purpose helping you understand Paul Young book of “The Shack”, the mind behind this best seller.   

One last word of wisdom (a good advise from me) for the purpose of reading part 2 with a back system and if you are not scare of finding the true mask of the “The Shack”, then I advise you to go to Matt Slick quotes and review I gave to you earlier about “Lies we believe about God”.

This would really help you to connect with my wife lecture of “The Shack” or if you prefer “To understand what Paul Young really mean in The Shack”.


This is up to you to do that.


Denis Lavoie



No Copyright!
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or a print out. 


Next time in

Beware of the Ditches

Part 2 

My wife Cordula will go in the book

of the Shack showing that it is not

what people think it is (biblical) but

pure deception from the sincere

heart of Paul Young.

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