Is Jesus the best way or the only way?

Can I ask you a question?

Relating to God and the Holy Spirit: who said in a famous motion picture “I am the best way“?




I watched the entire movie!

Lately I watched the movie “The Shack” from the book “The Shack” of Paul Young.

In the middle of the movie, Mack and Jesus are having a chat as they watch the stars.

Through the conversation Mack asks Jesus “But you are God?” Jesus answers “I am the best way...”  to relate to “Papa” who is God the Father in form of a woman and to Sarayu, being the Holy Spirit, also no He but a She.

A few moments later Mack admits to Jesus that he likes to be around them and that they are totally different from a biblical perspective.

That night Mack takes the Bible to read it but falls asleep and the Bible flies on the floor as he starts to levitate in a trans or a dream, the message of this is, that the Bible is secondary but experiences are best for all.

These few minutes in the movie were enough for me to raise up some red flags because I know the Bible (like Mack did) and this Shack-Jesus was not lining up with the Word of God.

Like Mack, I was not expecting Jesus to say “I am the best way...”  but that he would say what the Word says “I am the only way...”  to go to heaven and also to connect to God the Father.

One thing is for sure about me, the Word of God never fell away from my heart or was put aside for the purpose of justifying my experiences like the movie presented it in the scene of the levitation of Mack and the Bible falling to the floor...  


How come I see those things in the movie

and others who read the same Bible do not?



Is there a difference between

“The best way” and “The only way”?

Let’s take at hand what the Jesus of the Shack said as to be the “best way”  and comparing it with the Jesus of the Bible who says that He is the “only way”  with the 2 following illustrations.


Making a pizza!

If I say that “This is the best way to make a pizza”  then I assume that this way of making a pizza is not the only way to do it. This means there are other ways to make pizza but my way is the best way of making and it implies that the other ways are maybe less good ways to make a pizza but eventually will reach the same goal, a pizza.

Now, if I say to you “That’s the only way to make a pizza”  then there are no other ways to make a pizza or reach the goal of making a pizza.

This means that I literally assume that the other ways of trying to make a pizza will not work (not reach the goal) because they are false ways (dead ends) to do a pizza.


The road direction!

You are lost in Germany with your car, the GPS reception is very bad and you absolutely don`t know how to reach me.

So, you call me, knowing, that I know the region because I live here.

Therefore, what would it mean for you if I say “Well Jack, you will have to trust me on that. The only way is…”  compare as if I would say to you “Jack my friend, the best way is…” ?


The best way and the only way are different!

They have different meanings!



Fiction or not!

“But Denis, you fuzz and buzz about this too much. Hey, it is just fiction. No big deal here”.

This is the typical response/defense/last stand of people who lost any argument about the Shack when you present the facts that this is a deceptive book and movie, like I did with the Jesus of the Shack to be “The best way” .


This is always the response I get “It`s just fiction”

because they cannot think correctly/biblical in their heart

to see the dangers!


With all due respect, please use your brain and think a little as a child of God if you have a fair amount of knowledge about your Bible.

Fiction or not, to say that Jesus is the best way is to proclaim that He is one of the ways and not the only one.

Don`t be so naïve to think what people are saying in the movies and what you read in books will not influence you.

The mind/soul can be easily fooled or deceived by an unsatisfied and confused heart.

The excuse of just being fiction is ingeniously used to influence millions of readers and viewers with unbiblical doctrine.

The Book “The shack”  by Paul Young (who clearly believes in a form of universalism) and the movie “The Shack”  are even deceiving People who went to Bible School for a few years! 

Some friends who we trusted to have good and biblical judgment saw the movie and found nothing wrong with it.

Actually they love the movie “The Shack” and said “It is only a good movie, Denis. And we enjoyed it” , meaning it is only fiction.

At the same time the had no idea who wrote the book “The Shack” and couldn’t perceive the deceptions in the movie.

This was a revelation for me that totally confirmed that even if you know your Bible but you put a high value on emotionalism and some theological philosophies, you will be deceived and deceive others.


Jesus is not “The best way”

but “The only way”



“The entirety of Your word is truth,

and every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever”

Psalm 119:160



Denis Lavoie



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The next logical step

would be to learn more!

We have a teaching about the deceptive works of Paul Young`s bestseller "The Shack".

Part 1 - is an overview of the effect/impact of it and much more.

Part 2 - is about the content of the book "The Shack" of Paul Young.




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