How long is a day?


The grip of evolution on Christianity!

Sometimes I ask myself, where is the brain between the shoulders of some Christians who absolutely want to fit billions or millions of years into Genesis 1.

It is so frustrating to see that evolution has such a grip on Christians and ministers who made it their duty or will make it, to fit the evolution theory of millions of years into the creation of God.

One way or another, for them millions or billions of years is a fact in Genesis 1.

But a 24 hours (morning and evening), 6 literal days of creation in Genesis 1  is a myth, too far fetched by simple minds or a nut case among religious concepts (faith only and never reasoning).

Oh, I must not forget that some believers will tell me or you that they believe in the 6 literal days of creation but they will also tell you that they believe in a big gap of millions of years in between Genesis chapter 1 verse 2 and 3, and this gap is called the “Gap theory”.

This is another attempt to fit millions of years in the universe and agree with evolution, maybe not as atheistic evolutionist (No God involved) but as theistic evolutionist (God involved or intelligent designer).


Sorry, but the gap theory is for another engagement!

Now, I will not engage in this teaching about the gap theory which I will sometime, somewhen, inmillions of years.

Just kidding, relax and smile.

But let me place a few words about this gap theory and now I am not kidding at all but still relax, take a deep breath and read the following without choking (without blocking your mind).

If you are hooked on the gap theory in Genesis 1:2 then, want it or not, you are involved indirectly or directly in the evolution theory because of the millions of years of the first creation of God, which involves long periods of time, meaning the literal progress of the evolution of the universe, which includes disasters, death and diseases.

And you agree directly or indirectly, that disasters, death, suffering, diseases and immorality acquired before the sin of man in Genesis 3.

By the way, there are so many problems with this gap theory and this alone is the very reason why I cannot engage in it but it will be a definite topic somewhen not in a million years.

What I want to engage here is the long period of days in Genesis 1 called the “Day age theory” where believers want to fit millions of years in one day all through the creation of 6 days, which is an unscientific and crazy theory.



Day age theory explained in Wikipedia!

I found the Wikipedia to be accurate about the “Day age theory”.

So I will use their exposé here for you to read and I underline in bold a few things for you to see.



“Day age theory”


Day-age creationism, a type of old Earth creationism,

is an interpretation of the creation accounts in Genesis.

It holds that the six days referred to in the Genesis account of creation are not ordinary 24-hour days,

but are much longer periods (from thousands to billions of years).

The Genesis account is then reconciled with the age of the Earth.

Proponents of the day-age theory can be found among both theistic evolutionists, who accept the scientific consensus on evolution, and progressive creationists, who reject it.

The theories are said to be built on the understanding that the Hebrew word yom is also used to refer to a time period, with a beginning and an end and not necessarily that of a 24-hour day.

The differences between the young Earth interpretation of Genesis and modern scientific theories such as Big Bang, abiogenesis, and common descent are significant.

The young Earth interpretation says that everything in the universe and on Earth was created in six 24-hour days, estimated to have occurred some 6,000 years ago.

Modern scientific observations, however, put the age of the universe at 13.8 billion years and the Earth at 4.5 billion years, with various forms of life, including humans, being formed gradually over time.

The day-age theory attempts to reconcile these views by asserting that the creation "days" were not
ordinary 24-hour days, but actually lasted for long periods of time

(as day-age implies, the "days" each lasted an age).

According to this view, the sequence and duration of the creation "days" may be paralleled to the scientific consensus for the age of the earth and the universe.


So like you see I underlined to put emphases on few things like - old Earth, interpretation, not ordinary 24-hour days, reconciled, Hebrew word yom, time period,  not necessarily that of a 24-hour day, attempts to reconcile for the purpose understand what the Day age theory is trying to do.


So I can sum it up like this using what I underlined previously:

The old earth interpretation of the day age theory are not a 24-hour days

because the day age theory wants to reconciled the Hebrew word “Yow” which means day to a period

of time which is not necessarily of a 24-hour day because the day age theory attempts to reconcile

creation with evolution.     



What is wrong with the day age theory?

- First of allit is just a theory and not a fact.

Some Christians wants to establish this as a fact because they sympathize with evolution or want a peace agreement with the theory of evolution which is also a theory and not a fact according to real science and the Word of God.


- Second, if one day is millions of years (lesser or higher) everything came to life and eventually died, if the day age theory wants to reconcile with the evolution theory.

Therefore, if the day age theory (being a Christian based theory) is true, then death and suffering acquired before sin, before the fall of man in Genesis 3 (Adam and Eve).

This means that sin is not the cause of death and suffering, which the Bible tells us and this also means, that God had no right to say that his creation was very good in Genesis 1:31, because if suffering and death acquired before sin then it wasn’t good at all.


- Thirdly, everywhere in Scripture where the Hebrew word “Yom” is connected to the creation of God, it is clearly and literally 24 hours, not thousands or millions years a day.

I really cannot understand, except that the day age people are doing everything to not believe in a 24 hours day clock because they want to join hands with evolution.

When it comes to the Word of God, telling about 7 days in a week where the word “Yom” is used, then nobody has a problem with that but how do you reconcile the following scripture with the day age theory:


“Remember the Sabbath day (yow), to keep it holy. Six days (yom) you shall labor

and do all your work, but the seventh day (yom) is the Sabbath of the Lord your God.

In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant,

nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates.

For in six days (24 hours yom/day) the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea,

and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day (for million of years!?!).

Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day (yom/day/24 hours) and hallowed it.”

Exodus 20:8-11


- Fourthly, it is understood in Hebrew grammar that each time the word Yom=Day is used with a number or an evening and a morning, it literally means a literal day of 24 hours, which is exactly what we have in Genesis 1 of the creation account of God.


- Fifthly, do you realise that each day of creation has an evening and a morning?

Think about this for a minute, the day age theory would be a long day from evening to morning.

What do I mean by this?

Well, if each day is, billions or millions or thousands of years, then evening to the next morning would be laps of time of  billions or millions or thousands of years.

This would be long days indeed from morning to the evening.

Let`s take the thousand year day frame for example - I roughly calculated that it would take 250 years of darkness (25 %) in one shot following 750 years of light (75%) in one shot until you reach the next evening of the next day.

Tell me then, how could plants survive in 250 years of darkness? 


- Sixthly, to use the agreement of one thousand years are for God like a day in 2 Peter 3:8  is futile for 2 reasons:

   1. You will not reconcile the millions or billions of years with the evolution theory because they demand millions or billions

       of years for the universe to evolve and not 7 thousands years if a day for God is like one thousand years.

   2. Most Christians are not reading their Bible correctly, meaning they take stuff out of context.

       When you stay in the context you will find out pretty fast that 2 Peter 3:8  has nothing to do with the days of creation

       but all to do with the long suffering of God and his patience towards repentant people, where God is mocked by scoffers

       asking where is God and His promises since the creation began (about 6 thousands years ago).   



In conclusion!

Again, evolution has so much grip on the brain (mind) of so many believers in Christ that they are willingly attempting to fit millions or billions before the Genesis account or in a gap between Genesis 1:2  billions years gap 3 or like we just saw in the day age theory millions or billions of years between each day of creation.


Think about this for a minute!

Look, if you are believing in God and you are a believer in Christ, did you ever ask yourself if God is God almighty, then why did it take so long for God to create this whole universe, plants, creatures and us in a literal 7 days?

Man, God could have snapped His finger and - boom - everything would be in place because nothing is impossible with God and this snap would not have any problem compared to thousands or millions, or billions a day that some believers want to add as a fact for the sake of the theistic evolution and to be friendly with the atheistic evolutionist. 

Well, let me give you the reason why God took His time to create this universe in 7 days 24 hours a day, because God is an artist and artists love to work and enjoy what they create. So, God worked and enjoyed each day from the evening to the morning and when He was finished, He said:


“Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.

So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”

Genesis 1:31


As for the 7th day, God rested not because He was tired but because it took a literal 24 hours to admire, what He had created. Wow, this is the God we have and the only one we need as the creator.


God’s Words is true

and let men’s theory be lies!


Denis Lavoie



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