Part 1 - The Bible, what is it for you?



The Bible - Irrelevant!

As a young Catholic I always remembered the Bible to be a priest thing, where passages were read from the pulpit near the Catholic altar on Sunday, but was it irrelevant for me.

Also, I saw the Bible to be religious and boring because I did not like to read it since it was a big book without images like a comic book.

What was weird about me is I did not like to touch the Bible or to be seen with it. But at the same time, I always had a strange feeling of respect for the Bible.


 Oh boy! I did not like the Bible at all. 

But strangely enough I respected it,

not knowing why!



Nobody in my family taught me about the Bible!

Coming from a very Catholic family, nobody ever told me anything about the Bible when I was young, not even my aunt who was a Grey Nun since her 20s.

Of course, I had a little bit of knowledge about this big book because of movies like “Jesus of Nazareth”, “Golgotha”, “The  Ten Commandments”, “Ben Hur” and “The Robe”, meaning that Hollywood was my teacher and my Bible (Bad combination).
It was not until much later at the age of 33 when I gave my life to Christ or if you prefer “When I was born again” that I learned about the Bible.
At that moment, being a supernatural awakening in me, my interest for the Bible totally changed.

I discovered a new world and new interest for the Bible, the Word of God.

Today, I am not ashamed to tell you that I have many Bibles and that it is a treasure box of historical information and revelation knowledge.


The Bible is my foundation and filter in life.

The Bible became the Book of all books for me.



My aim with this topic!

I remember the first year of Bible School in USA, I was talking to the dean, asking him how he deals with everything he observes around him with the students, because I told him that what we heard from the teacher`s pulpit was not reflecting what I observed among the students, especially the Americans ones.

Then he said something like this to me “Well, I can see clearly that you are an observer like me. But be very careful with this gift because your mind will play tricks on you and you will become very frustrated”.

What he basically said is that I must not take it personally and never let my frustrations kill my love for God and the Bible which could be Satan`s plan in my regards.


Yes, I am an observer and I observed since a while that the Bible is not what it was a long time ago among to the believers and especially in churches.

The Bible has become second hand or a tool when needed.
Actually, lot of Christians today will say they love the Bible but will twist or compromise it or use only the verses they like for their benefits or because they don`t want to offend anybody.

I could tell you story, after story about this frustrating phenomenon of our time and yes, this it is frustrating, but I am not turning nuts yet.       


So, to say with this topic I will try rekindling your heart for a real love for the Bible, the Word of God, which should become a treasure box for you to use what you learned for the glory of God only.

Remember that when you glorify God first God’s glory will reflect back on you.  


Let the fun begin

with real facts about the Bible!



Real facts that most believers

are knowing about the Bible!

For some, the following will be nothing knew but I strongly believe that it is important to start anew as a refresher and to remind what the Bible basically is.

Each time I personally review the following basics, they are speaking to me and I would like to write a book for each of the lines below.

This is what I am talking about as to have a passion for God and His Word even with the basics


Then, what about you?



Please, revaluated what the Bible is

for you with those following facts below!


.  The Bible is not just a book about God; it’s the book of God (which men wrote by the inspiration of God)

    for mankind`s benefit and God`s glory.


.  The Bible is God and His own Word.

   You cannot separate them, they are one entity.  


.  The Bible, being God`s Word, is God expressing His will, demonstrating who He is (the nature of God),
   giving us a plan of attack and solutions to the sin problem and showing us historical facts about mankind

   which includes the bad and the good, meaning that the Bible is true and for the truth only. 


The Bible is an accurate historical book and archeological findings are proving it.

   It also is, probably to the surprise of some, a scientific book about God and His creation.

   There are lots of scientific facts, terminology and quotes from God about His creation.


The Bible is not just a book about regulations of “does or don`ts”  but a treasure box of precious
   information, facts, instructions and solutions to our problems in life on planet earth.


.  The Bible will surely challenge and instruct to make the right decision and make us smarter IF we let the 

   Word of God do its job in us.


.  The Bible is, yes, the Word of God but the Word of God is also Christ.

   Meaning that through Christ, since the beginning in Genesis, God spoke to us and this became the Bible to us.    


The Bible is full of accurate prophecies, especially about Christ’s first and second coming, being one of the

   biggest prove of God but not the only prove that God gave to mankind in His Word.


.  The Bible is also explaining to us, the believers, who we are, what we have and what we must do

   in/with/for Christ on this earth IF we love God and His Word.


The Bible says that all of us who accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior have a serious role to play

   as ambassadors of Christ on earth where each individual believer is gifted differently for a specific

   task and the Great Commission of Christ as a church community. 


.  The Bible, being the Word of God, must be taken very seriously, never to be misused, twisted,

   taught or preached out of context (compromised) for the purpose of pleasing ourselves, others and the world.


The Bible will surely offend many unbelievers and believers alike because it is God`s truth

   and there is nothing we can do about it, “It is written!” .


The Bible is the Book of all books which we have from God.

   It is a graceful and precious gift, and it is an act of love from God to us, His creation.


The Bible is:

The very Word of God

The Treasure Box to mankind

The Book of all books



Interesting facts about the Bible,

which many believers don`t know about!

The following facts are very interesting and motivating because they speak about mankind taking the Bible for serious which is beneficial in all area’s of life.

Therefore, if these following facts do not fire you up (excite, turn your lights on in your brain) then your wood (your heart) is wet.

Sorry, but I had to mention this!


The Masoretic text!

God always protected and is still protecting (present time) His Word, the Bible.

One big example is the preservation of the Old Covenant by some Hebrew scribes who were called the “Masoretic” which means “Wall” or “Fence”.

God used these peoples to make sure that His Word would be preserved and precise to the letters.


The count must be right !!!

This will seem crazy but these scribes (Masoretic) were so God fearing that each time they copied the Old Covenant for a good reason they meticulously made sure that not even the smallest error was made.
Just to show you how meticulously they were — for example one scribe would copy a portion of the Book of Genesis and when it was finished, somebody else would only count the letters, meaning they where not reading the portion of the text in Genesis but literally counting each letter and if the count was incorrect they would immediately destroy it because they did not allow any impurities/errors to enter in any new text of the Old Covenant.


So precise, so meticulous

were these Hebrews scribes.


They were like a wall of protection, protecting the accuracy of the Bible, the glory of God, God`s Word.
In other words, they really, really respected the Book of all books because they knew it was the integrity of God in person where God bound Himself to His Word.


“Do not add to His Words (or deduce),

lest He rebuke you, you be found a liar”

Proverbs 30:6


Wow, this is exciting for me to know that, I really love this kind of facts.

But today, lots of believers and a fair amount of churches will critic this “Masoretic” issue as boring stuff, legalistic or maybe they will admit that it is “cool” but still they feel it is irrelevant for our generation and they treat the Bible as an
old-fashioned book, filled with does or don`ts when love is more relevant today.

Well, if I must choose between the supposed meticulous brain of man of our generation and the meticulous Book of all books of God even if it was written long ago, then without hesitation, I would choose the Bible in a heartbeat.


Honestly, do we have 50% or at least 10%

of integrity like the Masoretic for the Bible?


The Pony Express!

What about the Pony Express in the late 1800, another incredible testimony about how the Bible is the Book of all books.
Of course, some of you will critic this, telling me “What does the Bible and a pony have in common?” .


Well, just read and try to be open for a change!


Sorry if I am too confronting about this but I really respect such an amazing historical fact and I consider it a great honor to write about. 


The story goes like this - the Pony Express is about very young and brave men with their ponies racing for the mail office “Written paper” from Missouri (St Joseph) to their destination California (Sacramento) or vice versa.

This was done using four relays per day covering two hundred miles a day.

The Pony Express was traveling reaching the destination in only ten days, meaning that nineteen hundred miles were covered in ten days none stop.

Because of the none stop racing to their destinations/relays (a literal nonstop, no break) and the weight issue, these incredible young men were not allowed to bring anything personal and not even a gun which they were passing through dangerous Indian territories.

The only thing they were allowed to bring was the paper mail and a format size Pony Express Bible which each of them had to bring with them.

The Management of the Pony Express were so Bible centered that each rider of the Pony Express had to swear the oath below


“I do hereby swear before the great and living God that during my engagement with Russell, Majors and Waddell
(Pony Express management), I will under no circumstances use profane language, that I will drink no

intoxicating liquors, that I will not quarrel or fight with other employees of the firm, and that in every

respect I will conduct myself honestly, be faithful in duties, and so direct all my acts as to win

the conditions of my employers. So, help me God.”  *1



What a powerful story

but about today`s story?

The Book of all books was that powerful, highly respected and very influential which today among Christians is the opposite - not really valued as the influential book in their personal life, in many denominations the Bible is compromised, deluded, twisted and the lack of respect goes like this today “We love the Bible and respect it but it is an old book, not sure what  works and what is not working and it is not really relevant and that powerful in the life of believers today, but love is. Actually, to be honest with we need more than the Bible!” .


Well, according to this philosophy you could think that the Bible belongs in a museum because most churchgoers are not bringing their Bible to church anymore, meaning the Bible has become a second hand book or just a good book to have at home being an affront to those riders of the Pony Express who risked their life with a horse and Bible and no gun, to bring the precious mail from point A to B in a land full of danger.

To bring the Word of God to church is too much to ask today but to bring it on a straining journey was a great honor long ago!


What about your journey

with the Bible?



Denis Lavoie

No Copyright!
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or a print out. 


 Next in part 2


I will share with you what some people

are saying about the Bible, the good

and the ugly side, where I will lead

you to the conclusion of this topic.




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