The real meaning of this word is...


I always thought that the word “Atonement” meant - covering or to cover sin.

I was astonished to discover the real meaning of this wonderful word in the Bible.


The real meaning of Atonement:

In Hebrew:

There are 2 words in Hebrew for the “Atonement”:

- kaphar

- kippur (Is this ringing a bell for you: Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement)


. The Word “Kaphar” means:

  - Atonement

  - Purge

  - Purge away

  - Reconciliation

  - Reconcile

  - Forgive

  - Pacify (to make peace with)

  - Merciful

  - Cleansed

  - Disannulled

  - Appease

  - Put off

  - Pardon

  - Pitch


. The word “kippur” means:

  - Redemptions

  - Atonements


Remark that “kippur” is the plural form.

Yom Kippur “The day of atonement” took place in Israel once a year and was one of the highest feasts.

A lot of atoning sacrifices had to be made that day alone to get right (clean) with God.

But we all know that the sacrifice of animals was not enough, it was just covering sin but then Jesus atoned for the sin of Israel and the world once and for all. 


In Greek:

The word atonement in Greek is “katallagē” which means:

  - Reconciliation

  - Atonement

  - Reconciling


Nowhere it is mentioned to be

“Sin covering”



Fooled but now I know!

God is always trying hard to communicate with us the right way, meaning that His long suffering really endures forever but we never take at hand what God has for us, to know the truth which will set us free from deception, false teaching, wrong religious concepts and errors we make because we don`t know better like me and the word Atonement, thinking, it was meant “Sin covering”.

Wow, what a mistake it was to believe so for years because of preachers who did not know better, too, when the answer was right there in the Word of God with the literal meaning of the word “Atonement".

When I hear ministers saying, “You don`t need to know Greek or Hebrew”  I say, “I understand what you mean that we do not need to speak or read theses languages, but we need to search biblical words with their original meanings” and that is the reason of “Word Study”

I really have a problem when ministers make fun of those who can read Greek and Hebrew or put down those who research the original meaning of biblical words.    



In conclusion!

What is the word “Atonement” really saying to us?

It would be too long to use each meaning of the “Atonement”  but basically I can say that this word is a wonderful word which has great meanings for us today or since the event of the cross when the final and true sacrifice was done by our Lord Jesus Christ so that we are reconciled to God, purged of our sin nature, forgiven of our sin past, present and future (But with all  respect and wisdom of the heart we still need to confess and then repent) as God is concerned and we are at peace with our mighty God then we are atoned by the grace of God, Amen!  


Denis Lavoie


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The real meaning of this word is...

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